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“A PICTURE OF TRANQUILITY IN TRIALS” ~~ from our back garden ~~

~~ from our back garden ~~

I often have an unspoken prayer in my heart of: “Lord please give me Your eyes and heart for the unseen or the forgotten one.”
Last week I was trying a first! “Online purchased airport parking” with a printed-out bar code on my receipt. It was Sunday at 5:30am and I was flying to Orlando from Houston at 7:30am. The bar code scanner would NOT read my parking barcode and after 7 minutes of trying both gate scanners I called dispatch, wading through 3 tiers of listen to the options, press this # and eventually got someone live!  By God’s grace alone I gave a cool, calm and collected explanation as to why I needed someone to open the gate for me! In my mind, I was screaming “SEND SOMEONE IMMEDIATELY OR I’M GOING TO MISS MY FLIGHT” but surprisingly the very pleasant dispatcher said “Sir, I’ve already got someone on the way to help you they will be with you soon! 8, 9 minutes go by NO-ONE!
No time to call again, I buy my 2nd $24 parking ticket!!

Are you sensing my potential frustration? Are you facing some craziness in your life right now? I want to describe how simple little things can so easily get us off God’s track! UNLESS we pray Luke 11:13 daily and if necessary, hourly, I do!

 “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will Your Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?”  See my Andrew Murray book recommendation below!
OK precious friends, I’m back from Orlando and I have committed to my precious Bride that I will get the credits back from the parking company. I actually paid THREE times for one parking term, so needed to get two credited.
Now here is where I am praying AGAIN for the Holy Spirit to fill me and I get the Parking Lot accounts specialist surprisingly promptly on the phone.
My silent prayer is “Please Lord, don’t let me take my situational frustration out on this innocent woman as I explain my Sunday parking saga to her.” The Lord is so good and Keylonda Brown has my card credited twice within about 6 minutes.
Now you know how customer service people will invariably ask after they have attended to your request:

“Now Sir, is there anything else I can help you with today?”
It is the perfect PRAY NOW set up!! 

I say “Firstly Keylonda, I want to thank you for the very prompt, efficient and friendly way you took care of my payment issue today (AND HERE IT COMES) “So, if there was ONE THING I could PRAY NOW for you PERSONALLY what would it be?” ………… At first there is silence, then I begin to hear a quiet but definitive weeping, I just listen praying in my spirit and then after nearly a minute I say very gently…. “So how can I pray Keylonda? Amidst deep sobs she says: “For my Sons….please pray ….for my sons!” I again very gently asked what were their names and began to pray the word of God into and over their lives.
A TEACHING MOMENT! Just because you pray with someone and they say amen, do not assume they are saved, I’ve had the joy to lead literally 100s into a first time prayer of salvation or in briefly sharing the gospel with them, they pray again and become totally assured of their salvation! With a few, heart connecting questions, I validated Keylonda’s assurance of her salvation, then asked her to cry out to God from her mother’s heart for her sons. We both praised God for my parking ticket problems being used sovereignly to connect us in prayer and then Keylonda assured me she would email me her side of the story and gave me permission to share this with you all.

Keylonda’s Heart Response from Prayer!!

To whoever this email reaches that has any question about: is GOD real. I can TELL you he is very REAL. Today I received a phone call here at work. The person on the phone is Mr. Colin Millar. I know this may sound strange but from the moment he spoke I felt so emotional, but I still spoke in my normal voice. He sounded so happy, sooo happy, I can’t really explain. While doing the normal and assisting him with what he needed. I thought we were done but he thanked me for my help and he said is there anything that you need or I can pray for you ( I broke down).
What Mr. Colin didn’t know is that I have 4 kids 25 son, 24 son, 13 daughter, and a 6 son. My second to the oldest son Reginald Hill (24 years old) I have not seen in the flesh in almost 6 years. I have been praying to GOD to please shield him where ever he may be. I recently got an email on face book saying: hey your son is looking for you and he is in jail. Saddened by the news but happy he is alive. Now my oldest son Deginald who works out here with me hit a rough patch in high school but still graduated and he eventually got his life together. Yesterday I get a call from his fiancé saying he has a warrant. My heart failed because I know my son and although he was trying to help his name has been slandered. That is the worst feeling to have someone to lie on you because they are mad at someone else.
See what no one knows is that when my son was 10 years old he would get up and wake his brother up and although Reginald would be upset, he would say come on lets go ( I got up because I could hear them, we only had a one bedroom apartment.


I followed them outside and they didn’t know, after the first time I never said anything.) Y’All, they were getting on the church van that comes into the apartment to pick people up to go to church. I did not make them go. My son Deginald would get up every Sunday morning on his own and he would take his brother with him.

Buy & Read Andrew Murray’s book
“The Ministry of Intercession” Yours and many lives will be changed forever!I

I pray for all my kids. I have a lot of sleepless nights my father and mother have passed on. I’m 41 years old and I have been out on my own since I was 12 years old. You wanted to know if God is real LOOK AT ME. I have been homeless no food to eat but somehow some way GOD has always been there.  I have been on my job for 17 years, as an Accounting Specialist and I recently got my High School Diploma. Sometimes like today I felt sad, worried and alone and God used Mr. Colin. GOD had to remind me never to question Him and never to lose my faith because He is real and He will never leave me. Mr. Colin I can’t thank you enough I’m in tears typing this letter but they are happy tears because I know God hears me and He is with me.
Thank you and have a wonderful day. ~~  Keylonda Brown  ~~ Accounting Specialist

A TEACHING MOMENT! Thank everyone God puts in your path no matter what they do, every day. Like this: You are in the mall and see a precious looking Muslim family walking by with 3 children. I often stop look at them with the heart of Christ’s love and say: You have a beautiful family and I just want to THANK YOU for being in the mall today. Then smiling broadly and heart engagingly I’ll say, may our Lord God’s favor and joy rest upon you all today.”

A PRAY NOW MOMENT! Please read this prayer first and if you agree then I ask you to PRAY NOW!
“Precious Lord Jesus, thank You for stirring me to read Colin’s IGNITE Prayer Letter! Lord, if there are prayer igniting actions You want me to deploy in my life please make me obedient to practice them.
Lord please speak to me if You want me to give a special year end gift to Your work through https://www.ignitingprayeraction.org/giving/,  in Jesus name I pray, amen.”

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