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Sounds of Silence Resound in Heaven

Last month God broke my pride through a fall resulting in rotary cuff surgery and the cancellation of my month-long trip to Burundi. Our ever-dearer

I am GUILTY as charged!

I AM GUILTY AS CHARGED Colin Charles Millar was found guilty on two counts of breaking the first and second commandments during the months of

Be Equipped to Live Fully Unashamed of the Gospel!

I never realized that I walked with hidden pockets of shame in my heart about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This revelation is yet another fruit from the daily practice of waiting on God, through which God is steadily transforming my life.

God Removes “Iron Bar” of Pride From My Life

My Friend, almost everything in life comes with “side effects.” Specifically, all medication is listed with its various possible side effects that can occur. I am discovering, as I press deeper into the practice of waiting on God, that one of the side effects is having my pride exposed by God and…

Ignite Flashes to Burundi!

Have you heard about what is taking place in Burundi?! I might guess that some of you may have never heard of Burundi before! But God has. And He is bringing about incredible…

Wait on God practice

Ignite Wait on God- August 2020

Accept this fresh charge to wait on God my precious friend! I invite you to watch this video which tells of a transforming miracle God

Ignite July 2020

WAITING ON GOD BRINGS UNLOOKED FOR FAVOR Ignite Bold Prayers What can happen when we pray, “Lord, would You ignite something in our lives and