IGNITE January 2019


Over the past 6 months you have seen how the simple, yet not easy, practice of “Waiting on God” has become an ever deepening highway into experiencing His holiness and joy in and through my life. At its core is this verse: Psalm 27:14 ~ “Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.”

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My Great (X8) Grandfather

Let us PRAY NOW: “Father, as I read IGNITE today will you impart to my heart the deeper revelation of what You mean when You say, “WAIT ON THE LORD!” thank You, my Lord Jesus!”

Recently, when our friend, Vance Day, the COO of the relaunching Promise Keeper movement, stayed the weekend with us he shared a love for researching and mapping out, online, our family tree. I had quite a lot of pictures/documents including a 65 page printed memoir on the remarkable life of my Great (X8) grandfather William Lepard. Born 1700 meeting Jesus in glory in 1799! These are excerpts describing his life:

  • But while he was thus pleasingly communicative, and naturally disposed to make all around him happy…

  • He breathed love and gratitude.

  • And it is also in their recollection with what a devotional joy he often expressed himself.

Would you not agree these are all Colin Millar life type descriptions? But when I read the “Word” William, at the age of 99, had for his family, just 6 hours before he met Jesus in glory, I experienced a prayer legacy epiphany that crescendo-ed in my heart going back 225 years! If you read carefully in the picture below, you will see, William said:

“Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart; wait on the Lord.”

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“Lord God, would You use this remarkable GENERATIONAL PRAYER EPIPHANY to emblazon a seal of zeal toward WAITING ON YOU in every reader’s heart, DO IT TODAY LORD!! in the matchless name of Jesus Christ we pray, amen.”

For the first 10 email responders to this IGNITE I will send a personally inscribed ~ by me~ copy of Andrew Murray’s “Waiting on God” book.

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