IGNITE May 2019


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At 3:45am on 2nd May 2019 after completing my 9th 31 day journey through the scriptures of, "Waiting On God” by Andrew Murray, God blew His “new life” breath into my heart. Sitting quietly, with Father, on our back garden porch with sounds of living water bubbling from our prayer fountain, God gave me a clarion call under the blazing fire of His Holy Spirit searing these words into my heart, soul, mind and spirit.


Let us PRAY NOW: “Father, please give me grace to pause, be still, to sit quietly, stopping my racing mind and emotions to just enjoy Your presence, right now…….for 5 minutes…….Thank you Jesus, Amen.” Sweet Saint, taking 5 minutes to be still with the most High God is what I call “Giving God A High Five!” Psalm 46:10

PLEASE! STOP! NOW! and say “Daddy, here I am, I commit to give You a high five now!” ~~~~~~

In your rush to read this, did you skip the be still time? ~ If you gave God a High Five well done! I almost skipped it, as I wrote this, but sensed the Holy Spirit say: “You can’t ask what you don’t model!” In those 5 minutes of just being still, God refreshed me and gave me clear next steps to write this IGNITE. So if you have not yet Given God A High Five bless Him now! 😍 for He blesses ALL those who wait on Him~~ Isaiah 30:18.

I was not sure why God spoke to me about The Addice Birth Center being the focus for this IGNITE, but looking back I see He wanted me to refine my focus to watch and experience how He births new life continuously as we grow, learn and practice this wonderful art and discipline of “Waiting on God.”

As you read/pray through this IGNITE, will you review your life asking God to speak to you, just like God spoke to me through these:


• My Sweetie and I watched the powerful true story movie "Un Planned" 04/01/19

• The next day I prayed with Brian and Candace at their Addice Birth Center and God led me to make that the focus for this IGNITE 04/02/19

• I’d carried the growing Waiting on God call in my “Prayer Womb” for 9 months. 08/18~~04/19

• Jeff Gowler, President of Global Media Outreach says after 8 silent minutes together: “I don’t understand this but I hear the Lord saying to tell you: “BE STILL!” Psalm 46:10 which is the very heart of “Waiting on God” 04/17/19

• 2nd May was National Day of Prayer, what a birthday for Igniting Prayer Action’s new “ Prayer baby” ~~ “CALL MY BODY TO: “WAIT ON ME.”



While on solo retreat on the Blanco River with God I pulled some weeds from between the pool side paving tiles as it had rained and the roots were loosened. This strong deep rooted weed pictured over the clock seemed impossible to get out, but God showed me a powerful prayer picture! There can be heart hurts, offences, unforgiveness, hidden so deeply in our spirits, memories and emotions and Satan keeps us bound from walking in the fullness of God’s promises, purposes and plans for our lives. For two days I steadily soaked the ground with water, wiggled and worked the crack open around the weed root head. Only then using a wet towel wrapped around it, VICTORY came as the long roots came steadily out of the ground! I was whooping and a hollering leaping, laughing and praising God 😂😂🎉🎉 Anyone would have thought I’d just found a 20 carat diamond, not pulled out a weed!

If you have a deep rooted sin or hurt in your life take time with Father and let the rivers of living water of His Spirit and His Word wash and release the roots of sin and pain from your life.

OUT OF DEATH COMES LIFE ~Jamie’s radical testimony.

A precious friend of mine, Jamie (not her real name) shares a radical testimony of God birthing His healing grace into and through a deep rooted pain after she watched “Un Planned” and had waited on the Lord.

My story is not a perfect one nor is it mere fairy tale. In fact when I finally surrendered to Christ, looking back, my story so resembled the women at the well. You see, Jesus came to me and I finally decided to acknowledge Him. He had come to that well probably over a dozen times, but I had simply ignored him or was even like the blind man that just didn't see.

Amazing grace how sweet the sound. I could say many things....it is a long story with a lot of beauty but a lot of hurt and pain rooted very deeply just like those roots Colin spoke about. There is good news, though, this story does have a victorious ending and it is Jesus.

At 19 years of age began the first of three abortions that lead me completely to the end of myself along with failed relationships to boot. After chasing what I thought was my ultimate fairy tale and it not going as I had planned, I was ultimately broken, had no hope and was alone and did not want to live. I had done deplorable things. But Jesus came and changed it all. This is the first time that I have shared in a newsletter about the babies lives I ended. I had no idea at the time and was blind to the hurt that this would cause my own soul. Later I would find out surely how Jesus's mercy was very interested in that hurt. I say this to give Him all the glory. His grace and mercy interrupted my life and has continued to do so, time and time again.

I have since learned the things that we deem as interruptions in life are actually many times invitations to come to Him.

He knows the brokenness that we all carry in our stories/hearts and He is faithful to heal those places, if we let Him.

Flash Flood on the Blanco River 05/08/19

Let us PRAY NOW: “Father, please will You show me how to be still and wait on You, just like the pool water pictured right next to the flash flooding Blanco River! May Your Son set daily in my life Lord as I walk in the shadow of You the Almighty. Speak to me Lord through Jamie’s testimony, Lord if I know anyone who has had an abortion and is hiding in shame use me to bring them to You in Jesus name amen.”

Will You Help Us Be Fruitful And Multiply?

Would you intention your heart toward just saying: “THANK YOU!” to three people today and every day and then following up with one person a day with the simple ONE THING PRAY NOW question?

"If there was ONE THING I could PRAY NOW for you PERSONALLY what would it be?"

Lastly I want to say THANK YOU to you for reading IGNITE! If your life is impacted toward God in prayer would you ask God if He might have you make a gift to Igniting Prayer Action that would multiply our fruitfulness for God’s glory? Give Here.