Why Igniting Prayer Action?

To shatter the sin of prayerlessness that grips our lives of busyness, mediocrity and Kingdom ineffectiveness.

How can I best serve? 
With your fervent focused regular prayer action. Please complete and return the enclosed new Prayer Commitment.

Why start now when everyone else is cutting back?
There is no greater need for prayer than NOW in the midst of our global economic downturn. On March 18th 2009 we incorporated and applied for a non profit 501(c)3 entity under the name "Igniting Prayer Action". This name declares God's call on my life.

What is Igniting Prayer Action's vision?

To activate, mobilize and equip reproducing Prayer Igniters.

We define a Prayer Igniter as one who passionately pursues intimacy with Jesus out of which flows a PRAY NOW Lifestyle.