IGNITE September 2018

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“LORD TEACH US TO PRAY and add “ZUME” (see below) to our prayers.”

Colin 2.png

I write IGNITE today, sitting in a beautiful little chapel at Kaiserhof Retreat Center overlooking this peace filled setting. Would you PRAY NOW out loud with me, just like the disciples did when Jesus was with them?

“Lord teach me to pray! Father, give me Your enabling power, to fervently and expectantly believe that You will make my prayers powerful and effective for Your glory, in the matchless name of Jesus I pray, Amen”

Even though we know that prayer is a two way track of communication both speaking and listening to the Lord, I must confess that I’ve only prayed, “Lord teach me to pray.” with the expectancy of Jesus teaching me how to SPEAK out my prayers! God has answered many times as I’ve prayed prayers that I know are new ways of praying and interceding!!

Now get this, and maybe I’m just a slow learner and you all have got this part down ages ago 😂!! But what if we cried out “Lord teach me to pray” and we were also expectant of Jesus teaching us to listen! WOW This can change everything as I testify in my trucking with Jesus story below!

Frankly, most of us when we pray are pretty good at the talking part, I’ve been no exception until in these months after my sabbatical. As I’m now very intentionally living and working in a rhythm of rest I’m joyfully discovering that I’m learning to listen with a much keener receptivity to the many different ways the Lord can speak to us.

Let’s stop right now and give God a “HIGH FIVE”~~ 5 minutes to be still with the most HIGH! In your stillness consider your day yesterday, who did God put in your path? Who did you see? Who was in your path that you did not see, who did you text or not text, email, or call? Were you offended by someone’s words or actions against you? What could have been different with a deeper intentionality to listen for God’s whisper, to love deeply like Jesus and to encourage someone with a smile or greeting. Often all it takes is to stop and from your heart just say THANK YOU to a person for whoever they are or whatever they do, then quietly and sincerely ask this question: “If there was one thing I could pray now for you personally what would it be?” Ooops! I digress onto the story.

TRUCKING WITH JESUS ~~ Learning to Listen in a Rhythm of Rest

ZUME Colin.png

In late July I spent a couple of nights with my dear friend and Chairman of Global Media Outreach, Walt Wilson, in his new home outside Nashville. We prayer walked and officially dedicated Walt’s home to the Lord. If you have not done this in your own home I strongly encourage you to take some scripture, the blessings from Deuteronomy 28 are always a good foundation, then prayer walk throughout your home and/or office and our wonderful Councilor the Holy Spirit will guide and direct your steps and prayers.

I was due to drive on to visit Curtis and Debbie Sergeant in Dadeville Alabama and needed to rent a car. Unusually, we could not find an available car and as we exited the 3rd agency Walt said: “Colin how about a U-Haul truck?” I’m game for anything at this point and 20 minutes later I was driving out behind Walt in a 20ft U-Haul box truck!! In the midst of laughing out loud to myself at this priceless picture I suddenly and very clearly hear the whisper of the Lord in my heart saying: “I’ve put you in this moving truck for a purpose!” sensing the Lord was right there and laughing with me in the U-Haul truck. I was immediately obedient sending Curtis a faith filled Voice Text Prayer (VTP) report that I had a moving truck at their disposal for whatever it was they needed moved to their Dadeville home!! Curtis called me later totally blown away with this news as they had not even had a chance to ask God about how they were to move a tall and large fridge/freezer from Debbie’s parents new home in Atlanta!

And along came this Mad Millar Mover who with just a slight diversion and earlier departure the next morning from Walt’s home, was able to pick up the fridge from Debbie’s parents in Atlanta and arrive with it at Curtis and Debbie’s home a few hours later in Dadeville Alabama! Chkk-Chirrrrrrrrrrrrrr and God also brought Sharon, a gas station manager, James a young man who had been asleep on the couch in the Atlanta U-Haul office, and Evangelina, my Eco-park bus driver at Houston’s airport, to salvation as I thanked, then prayed for each of them in response to the one thing prayer question.


www.zumeproject.com One of God’s best ways through which He teaches us to pray is when we “GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES!” God has used my growing friendship with Curtis to thrust me into the high adventure of actually obediently living out the Great Commission. Zúme is the Greek word for “yeast.” Jesus tells us that the Kingdom of God is like a woman who took a small amount of “zúme” and put into a great amount of dough. As she worked the yeast into the mix, it spread until all of the dough was leavened. Jesus was showing us that an ordinary person can take something very small and use it to make an impact that’s very big! God can take your little bit of obedience to His Word and bring life transforming impact to literally 100s of other people’s lives.

On Sunday 09/09/18 at my church Crossroads, with a simple step of obedience on my part, 7 of us united and ignited together in what is already proving to be one of the most Jesus heart opening, Holy Spirit obedience bringing adventures of our lives! My long time ministry partner and friend, Jason Hamilton, and I are co-facilitating this Zume Training. Zume is an online in-life learning experience designed for small groups who follow Jesus to learn how to obey His Great Commission and make disciples who multiply. Curtis has developed this online discipleship multiplication training. If you, like me, have or do struggle with being obedient to God’s Great Commission watch Curtis’s 30 minute message on immediate, radical and costly obedience. https://vimeo.com/187697333. I confess that my 09/09/18 obedience to making multiplying disciples only came after a SIX YEAR delay from when I first attended the Steve Smith Training for Trainers to make multiplying disciples.

Don’t let the devil’s delay keep you from the Jesus way of making disciples starting today!

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