IGNITE September 2019

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Read what God did just because one year ago through ignite! I thanked a brother I had not met, for being with us at our GACX Forum in Denver! Then I asked him, you guessed it: “If there was one thing I could PRAY NOW for you personally what would it be?”

It’s the National Day of Prayer on 2nd May 2019 and I’m asked by, John, our GMO Marketing Director if I’d join in prayer by phone with a fellow African visiting our Plano offices. John introduces us, and Weston Chewe, a CRU regional chief of staff from Lusaka Zambia, says: “Ah! Colin you are that prayer warrior that prayed for me at the GACX Forum!” What a reunion; and soon we were at the throne of grace together to ignite in prayer.

The Spirit of Waiting on God has permeated my DNA, as I have daily practiced this art and discipline over the past year. There is seldom a prayer gathering in which I do not suggest giving God a High Five and Weston, his beautiful bride Elizabeth John and I took 5 minutes to be still with our Most High God 11:55am till noon as I sat parked in my car outside our post office!

Weston then shared how in the stillness, the presence of God overwhelmed him and he silently began to weep. As the tears flowed Weston heard from the spirit of God that he was to mobilize a 24/7 prayer team at home in Zambia praying for the United States of America. Saints this is huge!


Weston & Elizabeth Chewe

Weston & Elizabeth Chewe

…Into a strong friendship and partnership in prayer as we met in person for 3 hours the next week.

We started praying together by WhatsApp between Texas/Zambia every Wednesday at 6:30am.

Then on 08/23/19 24 intercessors, prayer branches, sprung forth, each one praying an hour a day with a major focus for our United States.

Will You Sow A Seed And Multiply?

Sow a Prayer seed into someone’s life today or make a gift to Igniting Prayer Action that would multiply our fruitfulness for God’s glory?

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