L-10-T Training Workshop
(5-Week Course)

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Luke 10 Transformation (L-10-T) is a lifestyle for every believer (bold or shy, young or adult – in age and in Christ) that allows the believer to follow Jesus daily in the way He sent the 72 disciples in Luke 10.

It allows one as a believer to wait on the Lord daily as one goes about one’s daily life and also Praying Now by asking (in silent or spoken) prayer for the Lord to bless the people and places around one, as well as one’s tasks. It urges the believer to connect with others around one by building relationships with not-yet-believers and drawing them to Christ through friendship. It opens one’s heart to the needs of people around you and then assisting, encouraging or praying (silently or out loud) to them.

Finally, it allows the believer to share the gospel with them in various ways so that all can do it.

The Luke 10T Introductory Video Gives a Brief Glimpse of L-10-T in Action.

Take a moment now to watch it now before moving on with the course.

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Training Resources

Before watching the sessions, you must download the following training materials. As you go through the sessions, the presentations will reference content within the transformation training resources. In addition, there will be fill-in-the-blank and places where you can document reflections and revelations for future reference.

The Luke 10 Transformation Training Manual

This manual is the foundation of each of the workshops. The first 4 workshops review the content of the manual with insight for application.

Waiting on God Book by Rev. Andrew Murray

The teaching on Waiting on God given in the first part of Workshop 1 is based on the 31 devotions in the book by Rev. Andrew Murray. This teaching is integrated into the L-10-T lifestyle.

The Facets of the Diamond of Waiting on God

This study highlights some facets of waiting on God based on Andrew Murray’s devotions.

The Luke 10 Transformation Train-the-trainer Manual

This manual teaches participants who now know how to do L-10-T, how to train others to do L-10-T. This manual is covered in the last hour of Workshop 4 and in Workshop 5.

The L-10-T Training Workshop

The following workshop was presented over a 5-day period to people across the world.

Many of them were preparing to go to East Africa on a mission to East African countries, called the East African Awakening (EAA). The 5 workshops trained participants to “Wait on God”, do L-10-T and prepared them to be trainers to train others.

Day 1: Introduction
(2 Hrs, 43 Mins)

Day 1 gives an introduction to the concept of Waiting on God (first part) referring to the devotions of Rev. Andrew Murray and the Facets of the Diamond of Waiting on God study.

Luke 10 Transformation is then introduced covering Units 1-2 of the L-10-T Equipping Manual. The question of why we should do L-10-T is then explored with reference to the Great Commission (Unit 3).

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Day 2: L-10-T Training
(2 Hrs, 39 Mins)

Day 2 continues to explore the reasons why we should follow Jesus by living an L-10-T lifestyle (Unit 4).

The first step of L-10-T – to pray and be a blessing is then explored in detail (Unit 5).

Day 2 is completed by looking in detail at step 2 of L-10-T – building relationships and drawing people to Christ (Unit 6).

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Day 3: L-10-T Training
(2 Hrs, 11 Mins)

Day 3 explores step 3 of L-10-T – Meeting Needs in detail (Unit 7).

The second part of Day 3 explains how all believers can share the gospel in various ways (Unit 8).

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Day 4: Training and Introduction to Training Trainers
(2 Hrs, 11 Mins)

Day 4 explores the ways in which a believer may make L-10-T a lifestyle covering the last two chapters of the L-10-T Equipping Manual (Units 9 and 10).

The last hour of Day 4 introduces L-10-T Training of Trainers using the L-10-T Train-the-Trainer Manual. (Chapters B1-B4 are covered)

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Day 5: L-10-T Training of Trainers
(2 Hrs, 41 Mins)

Day 5 covers training trainers on how to present each chapter of the Equipping Manual (Chapter B5). The training then focus on Chapters B6 to B13 of the Train-the-trainer Manual on how to train people to make L-10-T a lifestyle and how make an L-10-T training effective.

The training of trainers then focus on some of the Section C chapters of the Train-the Trainer manual on how to train in different settings such as a congregation or the workplace.

The training then focus on how to take L-10-T training to the world by training Master Trainers – trainers who trains other trainers (some of the Section D chapters).

The training of trainers then concludes by focusing on the spiritual significance of the L-10-T training by exploring the Section E chapters of the L-10-T train-the Trainer Manual.

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Your Support is Necessary

As we continue to serve God through training and mobilizing thousands of L-10-T Ambassadors, these efforts also come with significant financial responsibilities. Prayerfully consider partnering with us today as we continue to be obedient to God through prayer, evangelism, and training the nations to be a light for Christ whoever they go.