Request a Discipleship Trainer

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Is your organization looking for leaders and discipleship training facilitators?

If so, allow us to bring our experienced Waiting on God and Luke 10 Transformation (L-10-T) trainers to you! At Igniting Prayer Action (IPA), we understand that your time can be valuable and limited, as you must often wear many hats. Thankfully, our IPA Team is available and happy to help. As busy church, organizational, or business leaders, you can request training facilitators to come and conduct on-site or online L-10-T class sessions for you and your staff!

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Put our nearly 30 years of discipleship training experience to work for you and your organization!

We remain committed to offering leaders all the discipleship training support they need through the effective tool of Luke 10 Transformation. Fortunately, we’ve been blessed to facilitate L-10-T training sessions worldwide for church congregations, leadership teams, and even within corporate settings for over 17 years. The COVID-19 pandemic also sharpened our skills to provide teleconference-style training anywhere in or across the world.

Therefore, if you need discipleship trainers to work with your leaders, be it in-person or online, IPA has you covered. Simply take a moment to share some helpful information with us below. Then, one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your specific needs.