Life-Changing Prayer Resources

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Prayer Changes Everything

My dear Brothers and Sisters, you all know that prayer truly does change things in life-altering ways we never thought possible. The following resources are designed to do just that, change your life while also helping you develop a deeper prayer life with God.

Be sure to check back with us on this page frequently; we will continue adding more vital resources over time!

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Waiting on God Background
Waiting on God

Andrew Murray's “Waiting on God” Devotional

Explore and learn the waiting on God in prayer lifestyle through our Waiting on God: A 31-Day Adventure into the Heart of God Devotional. We’ve compiled this book into a modern English format for your convenience!

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Resources for Prayer with Others

Become part of a Personal Intercessory Team or PIT Crew where others pray with and for you through life’s journey. We have a PIT Crew resource handbook available just for you, and it’s FREE!

The PIT Crew Handbook is a resource guide to help further develop your prayer life with others while also having a group of close friends who will pray for you. If you’re ready to learn more, get your copy today.

Pit Crew Handbook
facets of the diamond

Waiting On God: Facets of the Diamond

In addition to the Bible, we recommend that Andrew Murray’s 31-day devotions be a good resource for Waiting on God insights.

As one reads through the devotions, it is as if different facets of the diamond of Waiting on God open up and sparkle with his wondrous Light! In this unique resource, you will find 40+ such facets. Get yours today and experience God’s presence in an uncommon way.