Lifestyle Evangelism & Sharing Jesus with Others

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God’s love leads us to share our faith by sharing Jesus with others.

Have you wondered about how to live a life where you share your faith by sharing Jesus with others daily?

2019 Evangelism research has shown that on average, not even 4% of Christians share their faith in Jesus with others openly and regularly (at least 60 times or more every six months). If you’re one of the 96% who never shares or shares Jesus with others irregularly and wondered if it is even possible to do it regularly, you’ve come to the correct website.

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Luke 10 Transformation can help lead YOU into a lifestyle of Christian discipleship and personal evangelism. 

Luke 10 Transformation, or L-10-T, was born out of prayer.  In 2003 believers in a city of 10 million people prayed for three months for the Lord to give workers in the harvest for the approximately 9 million not-yet-saved people. There were less than ten evangelists or missions to the city to reach the 9 million. We believe that the Lord encouraged the city’s transformational leaders to follow the example of how Jesus sent out the 72 disciples in Luke 10:1-24 as a way to equip every believer to live as witnesses every day. Luke 10 is the perfect example of Jesus showing the 12 disciples back then, how He showed us in 2003 and how He’s showing us now how disciples should live as witnesses. In other words, personal evangelism and discipleship is God’s ultimate plan for believers to share Jesus with others.   

In 2020 Colin Millar of IPA (Igniting Prayer Action) and Willem Joubert (part of the original 2003 L-10-T development team) collaborated to integrate the principles of Waiting on God and Pray Now into L-10-T. In fact, Waiting on God and Pray Now are the first two headings of this website.

So, L-10-T now shows every believer how they can live a lifestyle of following Jesus, connecting with God and others, caring for other people, and sharing Jesus in a way that will draw people closer to God and their salvation. Truly, a “Praying-Connecting-Caring-and-Sharing-Jesus” Lifestyle.

What is so unique about the L-10-T Lifestyle of following Jesus as His disciple?

Luke 10 Transformation takes EVERY believer from their current state of following Jesus and, in an easy way, lifts them to another, higher, or more expansive level of following Jesus with great joy! For example:

  • People who evangelize easily, the 4%, feel they increase their impact 8x times after implementing L-10-T (from a study with 140 evangelists).
  • Training for All Ages – Adults and youth can L-10-T, including children, ages 4-14, older/retired believers, and entire families!
  • L-10-T is for Every Day – In contrast to doing prayer, connecting with pre-believers, caring for the needy, and sharing Jesus once a week, once a month, or once a year, L-10-T allows the believer to do these actions daily.
  • It’s Everywhere Believers can do L-10-T everywhere they move during any weekday; for instance, they can do it while walking, cycling, shopping, playing, visiting, at work, during vacation, and more!
  • All Personalities and Giftings Can Disciple People with different personalities can apply L-10-T just as effectively. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, even people with various intelligence levels and other giftings (practical people, dreamers, worshippers, innovators, artists, managers, entrepreneurs, organizers, etc.) can all utilize the training.
  • Do It in Different Modes – Parts of L-10-T are done silently (such as silent prayer with open eyes or waiting on the Lord silently). You may also be talking and connecting at other times or assisting others by using your practical skills.
  • Utilize L-10-T at Your Workplace You can apply L-10-T either silently or more openly, as the situation or management allows on the job.
  • L-10-T Removes the Sunday/Weekday Divide for believers and their leaders, as every day becomes a day of ministry.
  • Luke 10 Transformation – is training that typically aims towards individuals; however, you may also precisely and powerfully utilize it for organizations or cities.
  • L-10-T is Best When it Becomes Your Lifestyle The training assists every believer to adopt the Luke 10 way of following Jesus.
  • This Training Compels Users – As you begin applying the concepts, you are immediately challenged to train others to do L-10-T. This multiplication of disciples may happen in your family, homegroup, workgroup, church, short term mission, daughter church, denomination or city, town, or region.
Sharing Jesus with Friends

Is Luke 10 Transformation or L-10-T for you?

L-10-T is a life-transforming curriculum designed to help you live out your great commission call and become a disciple who makes disciples. In doing so, you’re sharing Jesus with others, even if they only see Him in you, and fulfill that call to personal evangelism. Overall, we designed this curriculum to make it easy for every believer to live it every day and everywhere. 
Luke 10 Transformation is also the foundational tool for our discipleship training. The curriculum focuses on four simple but transforming steps. The beauty is you don’t need to have a specific personality to share your faith with others; everyone can do this! 


There are 4 steps which start as follows:

Pray for
God's Blessings.

Whether you’re on a walk in your neighborhood, completing tasks at work, or shopping at the grocery store, Pray Now! Specifically, pray God’s blessings on people, businesses, communities, local churches, and wherever you go. Praying doesn’t require you to talk to anyone but God about what you see and experience daily, so you will mostly do it silently. Any believer can do this!


Build relationships with people you know who don’t already have a relationship with Jesus Christ or aren’t actively living out their faith each day. Make a list of at least five people with whom you’d like to be intentional about developing a deeper Christian relationship. These people don’t have to be strangers. They can be family members, coworkers, or even neighbors. Simply put, please ensure they’re people with whom you have an existing connection, even if just knowing their name.

Begin praying for them daily and ask God how to start the process of building a deeper relationship with them. As you connect with these people, visit them, eat and drink with them, and genuinely get to know their stories. 

Care for people by
helping with needs.

As you meet people in daily life and connect with them, God and/or the people will begin revealing their needs to you. For example, God will start showing you their spiritual, emotional, social, physical, or financial needs through prayer. And as God or the people reveal these needs, He will also begin showing you how to meet specific needs. And as He shows you what to do, do it or pray about it! 

The wonderful thing is that you may also care in the same way about the needs of organizations or groups of people.

Tell people
about Jesus.

Through building relationships and meeting needs, you will have created an atmosphere of trust. Now you are at a place where you can share your faith, tell them your story with Jesus. By sharing Jesus, you can encourage them to accept Him as their Savior; and they too become part of His story. Your lifestyle of evangelism can also inspire them to grow deeper in their personal faith journey. Evangelism is primarily a process that starts with step 1 and is not an event.

Wait on God

Yes, wait on God regularly as you go through your day and do the four steps: After you have prayed, connected, cared, or shared, then ‘Wait Five’ (minutes or moments) before God and give Him the glory or listen for guidance on His next step for you.

How does L-10-T become a lifestyle?

An L-10-T Lifestyle is where you simply live this life of following Jesus without thinking about it in discrete steps or sub-steps. A lifestyle develops over time as one repeats steps daily. As people, we tend to resist change and forget to do new things. So, in the L-10-T training, we encourage everyone to have a buddy or L-10-T friend who can encourage you (and you, them) to remember and do the daily actions of following Jesus.

We also recommend and prefer that you meet regularly, every week, in a group. Meetings can be in-home, over the phone, or in prayer group settings and are designed to look back at successes and failures of the past period. In-person meetings also allow you to lock hands in support and ask God together to assist with needs we find around us. Lastly, pray as you send each other out for the next period, just as Jesus did in Luke 10.

Before you know it, L-10-T has become a lifestyle for you, your friends, and fellow L-10-T group members.

Do not miss the joy of doing L-10-T!

Believers who do L-10-T and share it amongst themselves experience great joy in the Lord! However, this result should not be surprising as Luke 10:17 describes how the seventy-two disciples Jesus sent out returned with great joy!

As you live the four steps of L-10-T, start to make disciples.

Whether some of the people you connect with accept Jesus as Savior, or as other believers see your lifestyle of following Jesus, you can start equipping them to live the L-10-T Lifestyle. Click here to go to the link, which will show you to train others to do L-10-T.

Do you sense that God wants you to start your own training process to be able to do L-10-T?

If so, explore our events calendar, find training dates, and select a convenient time to connect and register for the live interactive course OR find our training recordings and resources to equip you to start living the L-10-T Lifestyle.