Training Others & Making Disciples

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There is a need for trainers to make disciples who will make disciples.

Are you ready to answer the call to make disciples? If God has called you, He will also train and equip you! Don’t underestimate the power of one who says “yes” to discipleship training. So, for example, saying ‘yes’ to training others could make a significant impact in your family, circle of friends, congregation, and even within your community and beyond. 

A disciple of Jesus follows Jesus and keeps His commandments, including the commandment to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). But there is more!

Jesus says:  Anyone who breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.’ (Matt 5:19 NIV)

In the bold, Jesus describes the teacher of His commands – this is YOU – the L-10-T practitioner and teacher!

On our Share Jesus’ page, we described what Luke 10 Transformation (L-10-T) is and where to get the training, so you can do L-10-T, which is to Pray-Connect-Care-and-Share-Jesus with the people in your community every day, everywhere. L-10-T allows every believer from 14 – 100 years, and believing children from 4 – 14 years, to practically live the commandments of Jesus and become a true disciple. This process is your first step!


It’s crucial to understand the gap between what separates us from training others and making disciples.

So, what’s the problem, and why are less than half of the believers actually sharing their faith? We believe it’s because there’s a separation between one’s spiritual and secular life.

Spiritual Life

Church attendance
Homegroup participation
Prayer time, and
Bible reading

Secular Life

Homelife with family
Social life
ePersonal care

Before COVID-19, most active churchgoers regularly attended worship services, participated in church community activities, supported their local fellowship, and/or gave to the needy. However, even without a pandemic, there still wasn’t enough happening with evangelism, sharing Jesus with others, or making disciples.

Although most Christians pray, work to improve their spiritual lives, and seek the Lord on behalf of others, they don’t seem to make the connection to share the gospel. We don’t believe this separation just arises in life, but that for many, it’s just not a part of their conscious, everyday decision-making.

The question now is: How can I become someone who trains others to do L-10-T, thereby assisting them to be disciples who do Jesus’ commandments every day and everywhere?

The Luke 10 Transformation way is to encourage everyone who does the L-10-T course to immediately identify five people that they can train to do L-10-T. (Just using the training materials that they already received and copying or improving the training style of their trainer).

We also encourage everyone to improve their skills to train L-10-T by doing an L-10-T “Train-The-Trainer” 6-hour Course after completing the 12-hour “Equipping Course.” This process will enable new trainers to teach others to do L-10-T, which incorporates many of the commands of Jesus.

The trainer can now, with confidence, teach in one-on-one, small, or even larger groups. Trainers, both men and women, will also find that they will themselves do L-10-T better and better as they train!

As trainers gain experience and opportunities arise to train other trainers, in addition to training believers to do L-10-T, they may want to consider the “Advanced L-10-T Train-The-Trainer” course. The Advanced course consists of 6 contact hours. Moreover, we offer a “Training-to-Train Children 4-14” training course, which also consists of 6 contact hours.

In L-10-T, we call ‘Trainers who train Trainers’ to train others to do L-10-T, “Master Trainers.” Master Trainers have completed the L-10-T Equipping course and continuously do L-10-T. They have also done, at least, the first level “Train-The-Trainer” course and have trained believers to do L-10-T.

As a Christian Leader, can I bring the L-10-T training to my group/community?

Yes! If you’re a pastor, business leader, evangelist, the host of a home church or bible study, L-10-T is for your community, and therefore the L-10-T Train-The-Trainer training is for you. The only requirement is for you to take the first step! 


We’ve listed below the benefits of L-10-T for typical leadership positions interested in discipleship training for others.


Establish a strategy to mobilize your entire congregation (including children, youth, and retired people) into a deeper level of discipleship.

Business Leaders
Business Leaders

Transform your business by training your believing staff members, suppliers, customers, and board.

Evangelists & Missionaries

Complement and enhance your evangelism and discipleship training efforts with this highly effective and simple tool in your Jerusalem, Judea, or the rest of the world. Our program is excellent for short-term missions!

Home Churches & Bible Study Groups
Home Churches & Bible Study Groups

Help empower and equip your group to become disciples and make disciples with Luke 10 Transformation!

Christian School or School Group Leaders

Teach your learners to be disciples and make disciples even from a school-starting age.

University/College Christian Groups

Teach your students to be active ministers of God daily and everywhere on campus or at their workplace.

If you’ve already completed the L10T Training program, you can participate in our next “Train-the-Trainer” session or do a recorded training.

OR, if you have not completed the L10T Training program, you can sign up today for our next “L-10-T Equipping” session or do a recorded training.

For more personalized assistance on deciding the best way forward with L-10-T for you and your community, please contact us and connect today!