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God Always Causes Us to TRIUMPH

During this month’s April IGNITE, I share how the Lord God gloriously caused us to TRIUMPH at the San Marcos Academy Night’s Gala, throughout my lovely Bride’s knee replacement surgery, and what He is doing in and through our church family at The Well!

Sue Baumgarten and Hubby- February IGNITE

Invited To Wait on God

This month, I’ve sensed the Lord’s very simple and focused call inviting us to ”Wait on God,” using a very powerful testimony from Sue Baumgarten!

Colin and son, Pastor Chris Millar, share the gospel!


Discover how you can share the gospel with others this year as you go and gather! Also, learn how you can support IPA and receive a special offer.

Clint and Emily Marriage- Prayer Tracks Book of Acts

Prayer Tracks in The Book of Acts

In month’s IGNITE, I found prayer tracks in the Book of Acts through Spirit-led prayer, baptisms, fellowship, marriage adventure preparation, and divine collaborations!

Tree with deep roots

Deeper Roots | New Branches

IGNITE March 2023 Dear Friends, Spring has arrived! As the sun warms the soil and rain replenishes the roots and new seed in the ground, we’ll begin to see the

Transformation tales in Pakistan!

God is doing an amazing work in Pakistan- We have seen an extraordinary escalation of waiting on God and Luke 10 transformation!  Over this past month Wilem Joubert, from South

Waiting on God, Walking in the Park

It was a Tuesday afternoon and I met up with a Ugandan Pastor Fred Kasule.  Dear friends had been telling me about him for many years.  God put our hearts


IGNITE May 2022- Celebrating Family in Yosemite

For over a year, we waited, planned, and anticipated our first-ever family vacation with all eight of us. And we watched God joyfully and magnificently roll out eight glorious days of excitement in Yosemite!

Every Day Waiting on God

Live Every Day Waiting on God

I did not realize how sickly my prayer life truly was until I started this practice of Waiting on God with you all. I learned “a healthy physical body is nothing without a healthy Spirit.”

Beautiful Mountains and Lake

Silence Shatters Satan’s Stronghold

Seldom have I had such a vivid picture in the physical realm of what was happening in the spiritual realm. Last month our firstborn son and my beautiful bride were

There is Hope

Where Does Hope Come From? When things went wrong in my life, I used to feel hopeless. And if I didn’t have my life under control, it was easy to

Shall We Dance?

As I waited on God early this morning He showed me a marvelous parallel between dance and prayer. When we pray leaning into The Holy Spirit He guides us in a “prayer dance,” following His lead listen, question, pause, share this scripture, salvation it is thrilling.

Sounds of Silence Resound in Heaven

Last month, God broke my pride through a fall resulting in rotary cuff surgery. This incident also marked the cancellation of my month-long trip to Burundi. Our ever-dearer partner in

Receive This Personal Invitation to Pray

Dear Prayer Partner, Friend, and Intercessor, Our prayer purpose in the East African Awakening is to mobilize and equip 300 leaders in each of 3 cities of Burundi starting this

I am GUILTY as charged!

I AM GUILTY AS CHARGED Colin Charles Millar was found guilty on two counts of breaking the first and second commandments during the months of April and May 2021. Colin’s

Be Equipped to Live Fully Unashamed of the Gospel!

I never realized that I walked with hidden pockets of shame in my heart about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This revelation is yet another fruit from the daily practice of waiting on God, through which God is steadily transforming my life.

God Removes “Iron Bar” of Pride From My Life

My Friend, almost everything in life comes with “side effects.” Specifically, all medication is listed with its various possible side effects that can occur. I am discovering, as I press deeper into the practice of waiting on God, that one of the side effects is having my pride exposed by God and…

Ignite Flashes to Burundi!

Have you heard about what is taking place in Burundi?! I might guess that some of you may have never heard of Burundi before! But God has. And He is bringing about incredible…

Wait on God practice

Ignite Wait on God- August 2020

Accept this fresh charge to wait on God my precious friend! I invite you to watch this video which tells of a transforming miracle God is doing in my life.

Ignite July 2020

WAITING ON GOD BRINGS UNLOOKED FOR FAVOR Ignite Bold Prayers What can happen when we pray, “Lord, would You ignite something in our lives and in Your Church that only

Ignite June 2020

Ignite: Bernie’s quiet life has resounding impact Ignite Share the Story of a Brother-Sister Love Like No Other On June 1, my Darling’s beloved brother, Bernie Price, finished his course

Ignite May 2020

Have you ever been the answer to your own prayer? Allow me to share in this IGNITE newsletter what the Lord has done, once again! In these unprecedented days, my

Ignite March 2020

THOUGHTS & TALKS ABOUT SOCIAL DISTANCING- IGNITE March 2020 My dear friend, for this IGNITE newsletter I’d like to invite you to join me in some thoughts and talks with

IGNITE February 2020

Ignite February 2020 I sit quietly on this February morning of my 65th birthday, having watched the sun gloriously rise during my solo retreat with our King in Rockport. Then,

IGNITE January 2020

GOD CALLS US TO “MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS” FROM HOUSTON- Ignite 2020! On Christmas day, I opened this world map gift from our precious church planting family, Chris and

IGNITE October 2019


IGNITE September 2019

WILL YOU IGNITE AND SOW A MUSTARD SEED OF FAITH/PRAYER? Read what God did just because one year ago through ignite! I thanked a brother I had not met, for

IGNITE July 2019

For What Are You Waiting?   This Lion was the fruit of our waiting!   Nicholas and Tegan on Table Mountain   Waiting, full filled, with new seed. There is

IGNITE May 2019

ADDICE DIVINE APPOINTMENT BIRTHS “UNPLANNED” NEW LIFE At 3:45am on the 2nd of May, 2019, God blew His “new life” breath into my heart! I had just completed my 9th

IGNITE March 2019

“…Boasting in my weaknesses… PRIDE!” AND PRIDE, WITHOUT CONFESSION, CAN BE DEADLY This is a my heart to your heart confession! Yes!! Aaaih, Aaaih, Aaaih this is tough! My dear

IGNITE February 2019

STEPPING STONES TO LIVING IN THE: “PERMANENT HONEYMOON ANOINTING.” We recently took our 32nd honeymoon week in the midst of God’s glorious creation. It was like taking more stepping stones

IGNITE January 2019

A GENERATIONAL PRAYER EPIPHANY!!- IGNITE 2019 Over the past 6 months you have seen how the simple, yet not easy, the practice of “Waiting on God” has become. And in

IGNITE December 2018

”THE LORD IS GOOD TO THOSE WHO WAIT FOR HIM.” Lamentations 3:25 Last week I took 4 hours to wait on God expectant of Him directing me in building the

IGNITE November 2018

DOES GOD KNOW YOUR VOICE IN HEAVEN? Recently I was driving to a dinner reunion while participating in a College Student Prayer Conference Call. Our younger son, Chris, leads this

IGNITE October 2018

HIDDEN RICHES OF SECRET PLACES. Isaiah 45:3 CAME THROUGH PERSEVERING PRAYER FOR STEVE AND LAURA SMITH. In this IGNITE newsletter, I share an awesome experience from last week. Read about

IGNITE September 2018

“LORD TEACH US TO PRAY and add “ZUME” (see below) to our prayers.” I write IGNITE today, sitting in a beautiful little chapel at Kaiserhof Lutheran Retreat Center overlooking this

IGNITE July 2018


IGNITE May 2018

A SABBATICAL BOOMERANG BLESSING PRAYER REQUEST! – IGNITE May 2018 For the next 6 weeks I will be on sabbatical in a coast side cottage by a tiny village in

IGNITE April 2018

What do Kingdom, Kindergarten and Sabbatical have in common? They all collided in my classroom at church today! A year ago in Herrnhut Germany God spoke extremely clearly to me

IGNITE December 2017

For our very dear Friend, This month’s IGNITE newsletter is special! On Wednesday, December 13th, at 6:45 am, inside The Main Street Café in Plano, Texas, God joyfully saved a

Igniting Prayer Blog

“JESUS, what do You want to say to me? Jeremiah 29:12 On Monday 27th February, 2017 at The Greater Houston Prayer Summit, my dear friend Bishop Clark Lowenfield and I PRAYED