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IGNITE May 2022- Celebrating Family in Yosemite

For over a year, we waited, planned, and anticipated our first-ever family vacation with all eight of us. And we watched God joyfully and magnificently roll out eight glorious days of excitement in Yosemite!

Every Day Waiting on God

Live Every Day Waiting on God

I did not realize how sickly my prayer life truly was until I started this practice of Waiting on God with you all. I learned “a healthy physical body is nothing without a healthy Spirit.”

There is Hope

Where Does Hope Come From? When things went wrong in my life, I used to feel hopeless. And if I didn’t have my life under

Shall We Dance?

As I waited on God early this morning He showed me a marvelous parallel between dance and prayer. When we pray leaning into The Holy Spirit He guides us in a “prayer dance,” following His lead listen, question, pause, share this scripture, salvation it is thrilling.