Sue Baumgarten and Hubby- February IGNITE

Invited To Wait on God

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IGNITE February 2024

Precious Prayer-Igniting Friends, I’ve sensed this month the Lord’s very simple and focused call to invite us all to ”Wait on God,” using this very powerful testimony from Sue Baumgarten!

Invited To Wait on God— Sue Baumgarten’s Testimony

The Baumgartens wait on GodI was invited to participate in the Waiting on God prayer group in Houston in January 2022. When Debi Tengler invited me, it was already January 12th of the New Year, and the group had started January 1st.

Debi told me the meeting was at 5:55 am, which was earlier than I usually get up. I was inclined to say – no thank you. She said I should pray about it, and if the Lord led, just text her, and she’d add me into the group.

I really had no intention of saying yes. Too early, seven days a week for the rest of January. Really?? Nope.

But God.

I did pray about it. The Spirit of God reminded me that the word given to me for 2022 was ABIDE. This Waiting on God prayer group could certainly help me spend more time with Him, abiding in and with Him.

I was and am currently part of the LifeHouse of Houston ministry’s Board of Directors. In 2022, the ministry was in the process of hiring a new Executive Director to lead the ministry. As a former Executive Director of LifeHouse and a current board member, my heart’s cry was for God’s best for leadership for such a time as this.

Asking the Lord if He wanted me to do Waiting on God – just through the end of January, turned into a YES, please! I texted Debi and said Yes to 5:55 am- 6:33 am, seven days a week, through the end of January…


January 14th ushered in a beautiful journey that I participated in ALL YEAR! Every month, I would think – ‘Ok I’m going to stop now,’ but I was seeing God move in AMAZING ways. Could it be the intimacy we were having in the morning sessions of Waiting on God? I was thinking so.

How??? First, personally – oh my goodness, did Waiting on God teach me to ABIDE.

Secondly, the LifeHouse Ministry

Our incoming board chairman was willing to incorporate Waiting on God into our Board meetings. I invited other friends and board members to join the prayer call, and one of our board members did. The Waiting on God fever was catching! We waited on God for our new Executive Director, and did He ever show up and show off! It’s so worth waiting for God’s Best!!!

Thirdly – Waiting on God became my book of the year.

I kept buying copies and giving them to any and everyone. The growth in spiritual formation brought me into a depth of intimacy with the Lord that I had never experienced, and I wanted to share it!

Being present in His presence. Having my shadow overshadowed by the Lord’s. Asking the Lord to envelop me to develop me. Posturing myself on my knees and face before His throne of Grace. Being silent before Him. Listening. Humbling myself in His holy presence. Understanding my inability and impotency to do anything. Being desperate for and dependent on Him.

This was fresh wind and fresh fire. I thank God for His Invitation to Wait!

The Call to Wait On God

In 1799, at the age of 99 and six hours before he met Christ in glory, my 8th great grandfather, William Lepard, said the following when asked if he had a word for his aged children:

8th Grandfather Lepard learned to wait on God

“Aaaah, let me think a while…” Then: “Yes, it is this, tell them to Wait for the Lord.”


Psalm 27:14 says, “Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.” Andrew Murray also says this on Day 15 of Waiting on God, “A minister has no more solemn duty than to teach people to wait on God.” (Please reference page 84 in the pdf., or page 82 of the book.)

Wait on God page excerpt.


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Thank You for Your Support!


With love and renewing joy in Jesus,

Colin Millar

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