Be Equipped to Live Fully Unashamed of the Gospel!

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I never realized that I walked with hidden pockets of shame in my heart about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This revelation is yet another fruit from the daily practice of waiting on God, through which God is steadily transforming my life.

Last Tuesday morning, as I’ve done 100 times over the past four years, I stopped by to drop clothes at our dry cleaners. Do you ever do this? For instance, visiting the same establishment for years and not knowing the people you see regularly? However, in this case, I’ve grown to know the delightful Vietnamese owner Jimmy and some of his staff very well! I’m always talking, praying, sharing hugs, and occasionally thanking them with a gift of donuts.


As I got into my car, I entered into a type of dialogue with the Holy Spirit, hearing a very gentle and loving question: “My son, if you’re not ashamed of My gospel, why is it that you’ve never clearly shared My GOOD NEWS with Jimmy?

I just sat there arguing and offering all kinds of excuses in my heart to the Lord, but He would not allow me to drive away. After a whole three minutes, I confess, somewhat reluctantly, I went back in and began another conversation with Jimmy; looking into his eyes, I said: “Jimmy, I just want to say THANK YOU…. his face broke into a beaming smile, and with loving clear questions, he and Adrianna validated that neither knew what it meant to be saved.

God guarded our alone time for 5 minutes while I clearly shared the gospel with questions and scriptures.

Then, I concluded with Jimmy who gave me a glorious double high five. He said, “Now I’m 100% certain I will be in heaven when I die!!”




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