IGNITE December 2017

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For our very dear Friend,

This month’s IGNITE newsletter is special! On Wednesday, December 13th, at 6:45 am, inside The Main Street Café in Plano, Texas, God joyfully saved a young man.  It was, as if, I was a bystander watching myself share the gospel with this precious waiter, who had become a friend over the past year.

Before I share this wonderful salvation story, will you PRAY NOW with me? “Oh Lord I praise You for the person/people, that You used to bring the truth and Your Son, Jesus Christ, into my life.” (Pause, remember …. name them and thank the Lord for them.)

IPA December.png

James (not the waiter’s real name) and I had refreshed our friendship just the day before when he had served me lunch. We’d talked briefly about new doors opening and needing to take a step of faith, relating to his work. Consequently, I wasn’t surprised when the Lord had put James on my heart to ignite in prayer early that morning.  So, I was strongly impressed by the Lord to come to my breakfast meeting early especially to meet James.

“Jesus births, in me, new depths of His love for the lost as we love our grandson Caleb.”

As I walked in, there was James in the middle of the café, the only person to be seen, clearly a “God set up!”

I gently smiled within, thanking Father for His response to my expectant faith. After a joy-filled greeting I dove straight in and asked, “James, do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?” With an open and transparent heart, he said: “Well, I’ve been to church a few times.” For the next 7-8 minutes God protected our space for me to ignite. So, I shared John 3:16 and Romans 10:9-10 declaring them, then explaining them, and asking some simple questions. These questions revealed James’ heart and readiness for God to save him.

“James, you might not understand everything about God’s love for you; however, would you like to pray now with me surrendering your life to Jesus as Lord?” “Yes! I want to take this step of faith!” The angels in heaven began to praise God rejoicing in this new birth as we prayed. In that moment of eternity and with a lightening like flash in my heart, the Holy Spirit moved me from bystander to participant with James. Over the next day, something marvelous happened! God drew me to ignite into a renewed and absolute surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in my own life.

This Christmas 2017, will you join me and surrender your life again, afresh to trust and obey Him in every way? God wants to use you and your personality dressed in His Holy Spirit to be a gentle but bold witness for Jesus.


Please read this prayer first and if you agree then I ask you to PRAY NOW! “Precious Lord Jesus, thank You for stirring me to read Colin’s IGNITE Prayer Letter! Lord, I re-surrender my life to trust and obey You Lord! Father use me to love like You love and to intentionally share Your love with others every day Lord please speak to me if You want me to give a special year end gift to Your work through https://www.ignitingprayeraction.org/giving/,  in Jesus name I pray, amen.”

Chkk-Chirrrrrrrrrrrrrr in the joy we share in sharing Jesus to neighbors and nations,

Colin and Nancy Millar

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