IGNITE December 2018

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Last week I took 4 hours to wait on God expectant of Him directing me in building the prayer strategy for our www.globalmediaoutreach.com new response system. After minutes of sitting quietly in the beautiful little chapel at TWUMC, I sensed the Lord gently nudging my heart with this impartation for the month of December.

“My son, I can speak to you any time, but I’d just love you to come to Me and be still. Enjoy My Presence and let Me love on you for these next few hours. I am here with you right now just relax and BE with Me.” And so I did; it was glorious!

“Dear Friend, begin to see that waiting is not one among a number of Christian virtues, to be thought of from time to time. But, it expresses that disposition that lies at the very root of the Christian life. It gives a higher value and a new power to our prayers and worship, to our faith and surrender, because it links us, in unalterable dependence, to God Himself. And, it gives us the unbroken enjoyment of the goodness of God: “The LORD is good to those who wait for him.” Quote from Andrew Murray Waiting on God Day #24 (Click (Here))

This is just one amazing way to WAIT ON GOD! Before I began this adventure 5 months ago I thought, waiting on God was biding my time, trying to fight impatience for Him to move and do something. Oh precious Saints, NOW, the more I WAIT on Him ~ just simply being still and enjoying His presence~ the more the love of Jesus and His Holy Spirit fills me and then seems to overflow through me whenever and where ever I go ….and make disciples.

December marks another awesome year of prayer blogging!

Those of you who have been reading my IGNITE Prayer blogs know that God has given me many deep and rich adventures with Him. However, in these last months I see God and experience His goodness in whole new ways of effortless joy bringing fruitfulness.

On a recent flight to Denver:

I sat next to a young woman with whom I shared that my precious Bride and I are joyfully living in our 32nd year of being on honeymoon! After a little conversation I asked her what’s the one thing I could pray for her personally and she says, “My marriage!”

She explained that she’d been struggling with her panic attacks, lack of communication, and was just 7 months since their wedding. We talked and prayed during most of the flight. In addition, this time included her understanding the difference between her nominally religious upbringing and entering a personal relationship with Jesus. She prayed at 34,000 ft., surrendering her life to Jesus as Lord!

Then, just moments later, our flight attendant- while serving refreshments, looks at me and says: “You are Colin from Crossroads church right?” An amazing gift of God as Lucina then immediately dropped to her knee and prayed for this young lady who was overwhelmed by God’s outpouring of His love in such a visible and tangible way!


colin december.png


Loving Our Neighbors In Jesus the December

  • The picture above- with our neighbor, Raul, and their 2 precious sons, was taken an hour after I’d peered over our back fence. I was praying a Christmas story blessing and sharing the gospel through prayer over Raul and the boys. God is drawing us closer as we love and pray into and over their lives. “Lord may we grow together as disciples worth multiplying. THANK YOU JESUS!”

My Sweetie, Nancy, and I praise and thank God for you and your family as you may be at 1, 2, or all 3 of these blessings in our lives.

1. Accepting our daily challenge to be a “Waiting on God,” prayer igniting disciple of Jesus, entrusting these teachings to faithful people who will be able to teach others also. (2 Timothy 2:2)
2. Praying partners in the work of Igniting Prayer Action.
3. Financial partners supporting God’s call on our lives to do 1 & 2.

Let us close 2018 and open 2019 as we PRAY NOW!

“Father we give You praise and thanks for all things good and challenging in 2018. We ask You to bless us, our families, businesses, and ministries INDEED, oh God, throughout 2019. Father, if You desire me to grow as a 1, 2 and/or 3 blessing to You, the Millars, and Igniting Prayer Action in 2019, then may I hear Your voice. When I do, let me be joyfully and immediately obedient to what I hear you say, in Jesus name I pray, amen.”

Now let’s try this together- “Chkk-Chirrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!” in the joy of Jesus!

By The Woodland Kingfisher from Zimbabwe.

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