IGNITE February 2020

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Ignite February 2020

I sit quietly on this February morning of my 65th birthday, having watched the sun gloriously rise during my solo retreat with our King in Rockport. Then, I hear God’s Word gently resounding in my heart, “I make all things new!”

In this newness of being “HOME” there is a quieter, deeper, more peaceful joy I am experiencing. I get to love on and serve my Darling Bride, our sons, and their families first.

Yet, on last week, I sat with Nicholas in a little deli and he asked: “So what other meetings did you have downtown today, Dad?” It was so wonderful to simply respond: “I came just to be with you, my Son.”

And one morning, I said to the most beautiful girl in the world for me: “My Sweetie, could I take you on a breakfast date? I’m cooking, and we’ll be here at home!” Then as we breakfasted, I courted my Bride, enjoying her company, sharing what was happening on various fronts, and praying together. It was rich and enjoyable.

Now you might be thinking even a little sarcastically: “This is great for you, Colin, to be having tea and eating bonbons every day, BUT I have work and a crazy schedule to keep.”

Yes, Precious Friend, and I do too, as God is opening new opportunities for Igniting Prayer Action in and through our family, church, community and city.  This work load “could” be very overwhelming if it were not for being MADE NEW each day.

Over the past 20 months God has been gracious to me. I’m especially seeing it now in February, my birthday month!

He’s been humbling me to separate from my plans and my actions to consistently practice and grow in the art and discipline of waiting on Him. Through it, , depending, trusting, quietly, silently and expectantly on Him and in His presence.

Our Abba Daddy truly does “work ALL things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Most often we just do not wait long enough or expect Him to do what He promises to do! But boy oh boy when we do it is a continuous adventure with Him all day and every day.

So what does living and working in a rhythm of God’s rest look like when the rubber meets the road?

It’s Saturday night in the midst of a Hallmark Home movie date with my Darling LOL. That sounds and is much better than saying I was watching TV with my wife, right:J

Our son Chris had been in bed with flu and 103 fever for the previous 4 days. He calls asking if I could come to San Marcos to help his totally exhausted bride, Ashley with Caleb, 3 and Ella Grace 8 months? WOW! With being in the midst of pastoral leadership change in our church for the first time since our founding 27 years ago and significantly important meetings set for Monday and Tuesday it just did not seem possible for me to go. We prayed giving it to God and making no decision that night.

Another NEW THING God has been doing this year is awakening me once or twice a week at 2 or 3 am.

Since well before February, God has me out of bed just loving these 3 to 4-hour times of being still and getting to know Him more deeply. I’m also learning His heart for family. Not surprisingly our Father spoke gently but firmly into my heart when I was up with him around 3 on Sunday morning that I was to go to Christopher and left around 5pm on Sunday. As a father and Oupa just being with my family even in sickness was gratifying. Some of the changed Monday meetings did not appear to go well and others were great that I attended by zoom.

Precious Saint, so we know things do not all go well and here is the KEY in whatever crisis  you are in: TRUST GOD to do what His Word promises He will do….as I said above… cause it to work for your good…

  • Northgate2020.com is a movement of God’s Spirit where people from 30-40 congregations from across the North Gate of Houston are uniting in prayer and worship starting March 1st for 20 nights hosted in 20 different locations. Join us at one or all of these nights concluding on Saturday 21st March at The Woodlands Christian Academy with a city wide communion celebration from 4-6pm. As we humble ourselves and pray we are expectant of God calling many like you to step up and step into the abundant life Jesus invites us to live.

  • The Abundant Life Equipping:  We have VERY GOOD NEWS for you! During these North Gate prayer nights of March, whether you attend or not, His Spirit is already calling many to ARISE AND SHINE and you may experience God speaking to you about some of these:


  • A joy filled desire to spend unhurried time with God

  • Growing a continuous conversation with God in which you are listening more than talking

  • An ever deepening love like Jesus for the lost and the least

  • Growing friendships wherever you go and meeting people’s needs

  • Expressing thanks to people and then asking the PRAY NOW question

  • Sharing your story and His story

  • “Going” and making disciples worth multiplying

Although it’s February, in April, a small team of us will be facilitating two Equipping Workshops in The Woodlands area. Get ready to register when you see the invitations.

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