IGNITE March 2019

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This is a my heart to your heart confession! Yes!! Aaaih, Aaaih, Aaaih this is tough! My dear friend, Curtis Sergeant, gently asked me if he could share scripture-based prayers he was praying for himself and for me. I said, “Wow, thank you Brother! You are praying for me? Yes, absolutely! Please share them with me!” So, the following prayer is the one I prayed last week! All I can say is– ‘Watch out what you pray!’

“Lord, protect me from those who oppose You and have pride in their hearts. Even more importantly Lord, protect me from pride in my own heart. Reveal pockets of pride which I am blind to. And by Your grace and mercy, deliver me from them. I ask that You would do the same for Colin.”

1. First Confession

It came in PRIDE after I prayed that prayer! Wow, how arrogant am I who thought, ‘Good prayer my Lord, but I don’t have any pride!’

2. Second Confession

Here is this: “Walking in the joy of Jesus South African you know, who is joy filled 99% of the time! Then suddenly Satan hits me with a double barrel blast of oppression moving into depression, twice last week. It was horrible! I “FELT” like quitting everything BUT, instead, I deployed the FAITH disciplines in my own life early Monday morning, that I have encouraged people, maybe even you, all over the world to do!

3. Third Confession

Just 3 hours later, I was attending our www.GlobalMediaOutreach.com daily all-staff prayer call. And John Thompson “just happened” to lead us in a devo on oppression/depression from an excerpt in Pilgrim’s Progress. In my mind PRIDE is again raising its ugly head. I’m thinking, in 10 years no-one has spoken about oppression/depression on this prayer call. So, there is NO WAYS I’m confessing that I’ve just been in this very spot and instantly God says through John: “Now after I pray, Colin will you lead us in prayer?” and that is what I did as in Point 6 below.

The “FAITH” Antidote for : Satan’s “feelings” snake bite of oppression/depression/anxiety!

1. Stop, drop and roll onto your knees from wherever you are, bed, couch, in your car …. Please pull over FIRST. Going to your knees is an act of humbling yourself before God. Daniel 10:12

2. Declare the Word of God out loud. Romans 10:17 “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”

3. “Lord right now I submit therefore to You, I resist the devil and he will flee from me!” James 4:7

4. “Wait (meaning be still, in mind, heart and spirit) on the Lord, be strong let your heart take courage, wait on the Lord!” Psalm 27:14 (click here for Andrew Murray Waiting on God day 8)

5. “Restore to me the joy of Your salvation and renew in me a willing spirit. Psalms 51:12 JOY like depression is a choice.

6. I confessed my PRIDE at not wanting to confess my weakness of oppression/depression before one another James 5:16

As I stepped into these disciplines by faith, God was faithful to transform me by the renewing of my mind. Romans 12:2 and He will do it to and through you as well!

If you are considering a natural birth center for your baby please click here ask for our dear friends Brian and Candace Jenkins www.theaddice.com and mention IGNITE
If you are considering a natural birth center for your baby, please click the link below. Ask for our dear friends, Brian and Candace Jenkins, of www.theaddice.com, and mention IGNITE!

WATCH THE MOVIE “UN PLANNED,” then BE EXPECTANT about reading next month’s IGNITE!

Learn about what God is doing at The Addice Birth Center. Will You Help Us Be Fruitful And Multiply? Would you intention your heart toward just saying these words? “THANK YOU!” Try saying it to three people today and every day. Then, try following up with one person a day with the simple ONE THING PRAY NOW question.

Lastly I want to say THANK YOU to you for reading IGNITE! If your life is impacted toward God in prayer would you ask God if He might have you make a gift to Igniting Prayer Action that would multiply our fruitfulness for God’s glory? Give Here.

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