Pictured- Colin with Jordan Enriquez

Jordan’s Life Brings Hope in Christ

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IGNITE December 2023

Dear Prayer-Igniting Friends, I deeply encourage you to unwrap this remarkable and life-restoring Christmas gift of hope by reading IGNITE today. 💝

On Monday, December 11, 2023, at The Peach Orchard in the Woodlands, TX, God poured out His love and healing joy through Jordan’s life celebration. Many sowed in tears as the beautiful Enriquez family members courageously shared their heart-rending and deeply transparent stories of their son and brother, Jordan.


The Life Celebration of Our Precious Son, Brother, Uncle, and Friend—

Jordan Enriquez


February 24, 2002— Houston, TX


November 15, 2023

Celebration Service:

Monday, December 11th, 6-9 PM

The Peach Orchard

The Woodlands, TX

Jordan Enriquez' sky jump at Motocross


Jordan's parents standing to greet at life celebration

Parents, Jimmy & Amanda pictured at Jordan’s celebration service.


Jordan Enriquez passed through the gate of heaven to meet Christ in glory on November 15, 2023.

In the 18 adventure-filled years of Igniting Prayer Action, there’s no single life we have called more people to pray for than Jordan Enriquez. It all started about nine years ago when I first met Jimmy Enriquez, Jordan’s dad, at a Global Media Outreach event. I was serving as GMO’s chief prayer officer and would connect and pray with some of our ministry partners who lead kingdom-building businesses, of which Jimmy was one.

About two years later, in one of our weekly prayer calls, Jimmy asked us to pray for their youngest son, Jordan, who was in the emergency room. I’ve included part of Jordan’s story below; however, freely click Jordan‘s testimony now for the whole story from our 2020 IGNITE prayer letter.


“My name is Jordan and I have had what most would describe as a difficult life.”

I’ve been addicted to drugs much of my life, starting with marijuana when I was 12. This led to more disastrous drugs which took me away from a spiritual life in Jesus Christ. With thanks to my parents, I was a Christian since early in life, and even studied the Bible every day at various times. Drugs had ruined my life, I was in and out of hospitals and psych wards over twenty times.”

“My multi drug/alcohol addictions caused a lot of problems for my family. I’ve tried to kill myself multiple times with drug overdoses BUT God has protected me from death, from evil people, even law enforcement and jail, because He had a different plan for my life.”

“God’s been waiting for me to turnaround my life. As I write this in a treatment center I teach people about Jesus Christ and His resurrection power. He gives His saving grace to all who accept the truth that He is God’s Son and died upon the cross so that all who believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

“My wonderful friend, Colin Millar, invited me to write my testimony so that you can be encouraged and understand that your sins, whatever they may be, cannot be too bad to be forgiven through Jesus Christ. In the front of the Waiting on God book is a teaching that stuck out to me, a teaching I believe is true and has brought peace to me ever since I’ve been practicing it.”


“If there was ONE THING I could PRAY NOW for you PERSONALLY, what would it be?”

“Ask this question of three people every day for the rest of your life, and you’ll see the kingdom of God come on earth as it is in heaven! My obedience to this teaching has blessed many people, including myself.”


Jordan’s eldest brother, Cameron, shares with an aching heart.

Jordan's brother Cameron pictured with his wife, Crystal Mae.

Older brother Cameron and his bride, Crystal-Mae.


Dear Family and Friends,

My heart aches for the loss of my youngest brother, Jordan, and I long for his presence daily. When I was 9 years old, I saw him come out of the womb and into my mother’s arms. I am incredibly honored and grateful for him, and I have faith that I will see him again one day with God, in heaven.

It’s incredibly difficult for me to summarize a lifetime’s worth of precious memories with Jordan; there are too many. It’s even harder for me to express the depth of my emotion regarding his loss; he was my “mini-me.” However, it is both uncomplicated and painless for me to honor his impact and extraordinary legacy through my testimony here with you today.

To me, Jordan was a special kind of breed. Growing up, he was never one to back down or give up very easily. When he had his mind set on something, he was going to win. He had that winning ability, an innate drive, and special discipline. Easily competing with his older siblings and exceeding at so many things from an early age, he proved to possess a much higher-than-normal academic and emotional intelligence for his age. To me, he was the coolest little kid that I knew and a prodigy.” Click here to see Cameron’s entire message.


Ashley, Jordan’s only sister, shares deeply and transparently.


Jordan's older and only sister, Ashley pictured.

Jordan’s older sister, Ashley Enriquez.

“… As a baby, he brought joy and excitement into my life. I saw him as my own personal baby doll. I could dress him, feed him, pick him up, tickle him, and at the time, I felt like he was very much my own little baby. My mom would put on the British show, ‘Thomas the Train,’ all the time for him. I think it was partly because it was his middle name, Thomas. Clad in blue or white, he was both perfect and the loudest baby I had ever encountered. He confused all of us with his crying. Sometimes, all 6 of us would share one bed, which was madness. It eventually led to our expulsion, thanks to his sleep-kicking antics.

Unbeknownst to us, Jordan faced internal struggles during this time, hidden behind his persistent pursuit of excellence in everything he did. He hid them very well. He redirected his energy. And he strove to be the fastest, the strongest, the smartest, the funniest person in the room always. He found joy in being the best no matter what it took. His Motocross was amazing. He flawlessly was always in the front of the races. The height of his jumps, I could not even do. It was scary even to watch.

He was in front of many things.

He was always in the center of pictures; sat in the front of the room in school. And he was always right next to his coaches. He sought attention and approval, and it made him the best at everything. He just had this talent of being able to learn at a rapid pace. His teenage years were scary. Something changed in him, and he was not the same. It was a very confusing time as the outsider who saw him have everything. Be the best at everything, then lose his entire identity.”  Click here to see Ashley’s entire message.



Jordan’s parents, Jimmy and Amanda, share precious memories of their son’s life with thanksgiving.


Parents pictured, Dad giving final speech.

Jimmy & Amanda Enriquez—  Jordan’s Parents


“Hello, this is Jimmy Enriquez, Jordan’s dad. We thank all of you that have prayed for us. We have felt a peace that surpasses all understanding. My wife mentioned to me, “I don’t understand why I feel so much peace during this time.”

To me, Jordan was like a modern‐day Job. He had everything. He traveled the world at a young age with family –France, the UK, Wales, Italy, Spain, and various other countries, along with many states. Then, as mental illness set in with addiction problems, Jordan lost everything. During his struggles, he never lost his faith. And he helped others who were struggling along the way. We feel everything was restored here on earth and beyond what we can imagine in eternity. He was a blessing in our family’s lives during good times and bad times. We saw many miracles in his life.

It was a great time.

I remember the first ski trip when Jordan was 3 or 4 years old. He became very proficient in a short time. I remember, on the second or third day, watching him take off from the top of the hill at an incredible speed and I was so afraid he would hurt himself. I ran to help him at the bottom, and he stopped in front of me and said, “I’m a professional.” He was good at everything he did.

At age 7, while skateboarding for a very short period, he was diving into 20‐foot skateboard bowls. I remember the first time I saw him do it; he was on the side looking down and he leaped and did it! And I asked him, “What are you doing?” He told me he visualized that he could do it, and so he did.

I remember watching him in Motocross. He flew and glided across the racetrack. It was magical to watch. My brother Rocky took Jordan to the race in Tennessee, and when I asked him how he did, he commented that he was able to jump as high as a house. Hans, his motocross instructor, told Rocky that Jordan was fearless and could do anything, but not in a reckless way. I remember praying for him before the races.

At an early age, mental illness started to impact Jordan.

At his first meeting with a therapist, he had studied a book on mental illness that was the gold standard for psychiatry. Jordan had self‐diagnosed himself and thought he had the beginning of schizophrenia or some psychosis disorder because he had anxiety, OCD, ADHD, and intrusive thoughts that were horrifying to the 10‐year‐old. For example, Jordan had thoughts of killing me, his mom, and his siblings.

His spiritual walk was incredible. Not all his prayers were answered. I remember sitting on his bed praying one night. He told me, “I’ve been praying, and God is not there. I’m going to need help. Take me somewhere for help.”” Click here to view Jimmy’s entire message.

Let us PRAY NOW:

“Father God in heaven, we thank and praise You for Jordan’s life. Lord, would You prompt every reader to do what Jordan did so often, asking the ‘One Thing PRAY NOW Question’ regularly, especially this Christmas season? And Lord, would You also have our friends wait upon You concerning giving a year-end gift to our joyful work of Igniting Prayer Action?

Now, God, bless our readers with great Jesus joy personally and in their family gatherings this Christmas; we pray in Your glorious name, amen.”

Thank You for Your Year-end Gift to IPA!


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