Shall We Dance?

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“The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.” PSALM 19:8

My precious Sister Jan is out from Zimbabwe concluding a very special month with us. In fact, her visit is partly why you did not receive an IGNITE in October! We took time to dance, celebrate, and worship the Lord through family fellowship.

Last night, we watched a 2005 wonderful movie with Richard Gere called Shall We Dance. In the movie, the gift of learning to dance brought fresh wind and fresh romance back into his marriage. As I waited on God early this morning, He showed me a marvelous parallel between dance and prayer. When we pray, leaning into The Holy Spirit, He guides us in a “prayer dance.” This prayer entails following His lead listen, question, pause, share this scripture, salvation it is thrilling.

Just as your own salvation is a step of faith I’ve discovered that being used of God when He saves others to my witness is also a step of faith. The more I ask and expect God to put people in my path that are ready to receive Him as Lord and Savior He does it.


“Precious Lord God, as I read this story in the salvation dance of prayer may You put people in my path that are ready to receive You as their Lord and Savior in Jesus name amen.” 
4 steps in the prayer dance of heart connection.

  1. PRAY before you go! I had got a pretty bad sinus infection and was due to fly to Ca the next day, so I popped up to our clinic to get a Covid test as well as some meds. “Lord please make me a grateful joy-filled blessing to each nurse, doctor, receptionist I see.”

  2. Give heartfelt thanks. Masked and walking into the doctor’s room, even though feeling pretty rough, I greeted, thanked the nurse by name, and after her questions of my health I asked her my question: “If there was one thing I could pray now for you personally what would it be?” God touched her heart as I prayed for balance in her life.

  3. Listen to the Holy Spirit, listening to the nurse’s heart in a further discussion I sensed the release to ask this question; “Let me ask you if we were to die right now on a scale of 1-100 how sure are you, that you would be in heaven?” She responded promptly: “Oh about 70%.”

  4. Share the gospel. I obtained her agreement with each step of the gospel then gently declared Romans 10:9 ………. and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead you will be ……70% saved. She laughed and said oh no 100%!! In that instant The Holy Spirit sealed the assurance of her salvation in her heart, again sensing no rush to leave I asked if she would like to pray re-surrendering her life to Jesus and the radiant joy of Jesus filled her countenance and the room.

Becoming a good dancer takes lots of practice!

But you only win when you’re in the competition. The great thing about practicing prayer is IT COUNTS every time! Try this prayer: “Lord God, would You have me become a partner, or increase my partnership with IPA? Show me how to help meet the shortfall they are experiencing. I’m waiting on You for Your answer, Amen.”

If yes, you can give here. Chkk-Chirrrrrrrr! Now, GO and make disciples!

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