Children, Waiting On God, “Bear” Blessing Vision In Bozeman

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(This vision is “COPYRIGHTED” YES!! You have the right to copy.)

On Saturday, the 11th of September, in Bozeman, MT, 41 of us, including 22 children, were waiting silently before our God. Looking up at Zeke (16) with tears streaming down his face, he said to me: “The presence of God is overwhelming.” Zeke then asked me if he might play a song on the piano called “Million Little Miracles”.

Before he began to play I challenged the group. I invited the six tables, made up mainly of these individual families and their children, to sit silently before God as Zeke played his song. Also, I encouraged them to ask God how did He want each one to be a blessing to Bozeman.

Over the next two hours, God birthed a million-blessing vision that is already boomeranging around Bozeman!

‘Prayer-Paration’ Before the Blessing

Let us PRAY NOW: “Oh Lord, I commit to listen and take action like Debbie and Kari, should You speak to my family and me about being a blessing to our neighbors and community, in Jesus name I pray, amen.”

It was back in May that I received a call from longtime family friend Debbie Runyon. She and her prayer partner Kari had been impressed by the Lord that they needed to bring people of prayer and families together to wait on God for how they might grow in intimacy with God by waiting in silence …. praying in depth.

Their first Igniting Prayer Action step was to watch our special project PIT Crew Video and mobilize their own Personal Intercessory Team.

This is what God gave us as our purpose: To provide a platform from which to delve and dive into the depths of God’s love and personally experience His presence in which there is fullness of joy, peace and healing.

As many of you know I’ve had the joy and blessing to lead prayer summits & gatherings in multiple cities all around the world and yet this Bozeman two day adventure into the heart of God particularly with the children was like none that I had ever experienced.

Wait On God Then Watch Him Move

Next week in Orlando, I have the joy to serve as a prayer advocate in the GACX Forum 26th-30th September. Please pray that as I share this Bozeman blessing, God will move. My prayer is that registrants, 230 in person and 1100 from 100 nations online, will capture this vision. Moreover, I pray they’ll record it on the tablets of their hearts, and then run with it in their families to neighbors and nations.

I copy below the follow up letter to Debbie and Kari. It gives important steps for how God might use you in your family and community.

My very dear Debbie, Kari, Nick and David-


FAITHFUL & CONSISTENT FOLLOW UP will bring at least 70% of the fruit from an ignition Breakthrough like God did through “ALL” of us in Bozeman on the 10th and 11th of September, 2021.

“Some suggested” Immediate Steps of Action:

  1. Hold a praise and strategy meeting this week with your Pray Bozeman PIT Crew making sure that each of the 6 New Life Groups (LG: 1-6) formed on Saturday are represented.

  2. Record, for each group the members names with contact info, the parent next to child’s name if too young for a cell. (I Believe it’s critically important that every child even the three-year-olds would be a full part of their team and know that they are).

  3. Record the vision and “blessing actions“ shared by each group toward the million little miracles (Zeke’s song) to be poured out over every person, school, church, business, front line service etc. in the Gallatin Valley.

  4. Group names could start with LG: 1-6 until the children of each group come up with their own group name.

    Each group member is a part of their own PIT Crew, and encourage each group to meet AT LEAST every 2nd week preferably weekly, holding their first meeting before Sunday 26th September.

  5. A foundation stone could be for every person to commit to PRAY NOW for 3 people every day. First say a genuine thank you followed by:

    “If there was ONE THING I could PRAY NOW for you PERSONALLY, what would it be?”

  6. Also for each person to list their TAKE 5 your top 5 family or friends who don’t know Jesus of are far from God, then, beginning to pray for them daily and doing all 4 steps of L10T with them intentionally.

What follows are ideas and ways I can assist and fan the flame of what I believe God has ignited!

I believe through prayer, for 🔥🙏🔥and a waiting on God/L10T disciple multiplication movement.

  1. Bella Jakos “could” use these first six groups as the foundation of the 50 Thursday Nation groups. And meet in celebration in 12 weeks from now, on Thursday December 9th. Of course, it’s no coincidence that we just happened to meet at the international student residence center yesterday. 👍🎶 Perhaps those nations represented by the students could become our first nation groups?

  2. Possibly form Bozeman’s own Company of 120 members. They could meet for an hour of waiting on God/Prayer monthly, including all who God calls from the 6 groups.

  3. Strongly suggest that Andrew Murray’s Waiting on God meditations become the daily quiet time for every member of the movement. Doing them as a family is fun rewording/explaining them for your younger children.

  4. We have the EAA Waiting on God/L10T Training videos available for anyone to use. They are from what you, Debbie attended in May/June.

  5. I could do a 3 hour summary of that training we would just need to coordinate a time 🙌🙏😊.

To close, would you take 5 minutes to BE STILL before God? He knows all our financial needs and special projects. Today, we simply ask if He speaks to you to give time, talents, or treasures, please be obedient 😊.

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