Sounds of Silence Resound in Heaven

Sounds of Silence Resound in Heaven

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Last month God broke my pride through a fall resulting in rotary cuff surgery and the cancellation of my month-long trip to Burundi. Our ever-dearer partner in the gospel Evariste Harerimana and his leadership team of 12 seamlessly filled my parts. I describe below some of what God did as they waited, trusted, and acted upon the joy filling power of The Holy Spirit.

Young Widow Miraculously Healed.

As I was preparing to speak and pray by Zoom to about 400 leaders in the first three days of Waiting on God/ Luke 10 Transformation Training, I had this thought run through my mind.

Ask if there is a young widow with intense shoulder pain who’d like to come forward for prayer?

Now I was days away from my own rotary cuff surgery so I’m thinking: “That’s just me because I am in intense shoulder pain and I really would love You to heal my shoulder, Lord!” But what if the thought was from God? …. And He wanted to heal this dear women…….

Well I’ve shared and prayed while my dear younger twin Brother Evariste translates and I’m about to wrap up when I sensed the Holy Spirit saying: “Ask for the young widow to come up.” Sure enough within 10 seconds there is this young Widow and she could not lift her hand above her waist line due to intense pain. I said we are going to ask Jesus to fight for your healing while we keep silent for 4 minutes.

400 of us experienced the manifested presence of the Living God as we held our hearts and minds before our God in absolute silence. Exodus 14:14 The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.

Then I asked her to lift her hand up and it went above her head and jubilant praise poured forth from the Awakening assembly.

Evariste, Goreth Harerimana

Evariste, Goreth Harerimana

Burundian Prayer Igniters waiting on God in silence

Burundian Prayer Igniters waiting on God in silence

One minute of silence brings peace to three generations.

Grandma, Rhya and Toni

Grandma, Rhya and Toni

Meanwhile after my rotary cuff surgery I was in my 2nd water physical therapy session with Toni. I thanked her for being a part of my care team then quietly asked my one thing Pray Now question.

“Please pray for strength as I will be apart from my daughter Rhya (7) for a whole month as she visits her Dad under concerning conditions.”

As I prayed tears rolled down Toni’s cheeks and then sharing Exodus 14:14 we stood in silence for a minute while God physically manifested HIS PRESENCE in Toni’s heart and peace like a river was released through a steady flow of tears.

Then Toni looked up and said you know Rhya’s birthday is 3:14:14!! Now if either, Toni, her mother or Rhya are anxious they simply take a minute in silence and God grants His peace to 3 generations at once.

Fruit from the 3 Waiting on God/Luke 10 Transformation Awakening Trainings

1017 leaders were taught and practiced the art of Waiting on God in SILENCE and the PRAY NOW Lifestyle. Bishop Simeon Baseka said: “I have learned to pray without moving my mouth but my heart hearing God. When I am silent my heart is moved by God.”

Rev Celestin said: “It was beautifully shocking when long periods of total silence replaced what we have always known…. everyone shouting their prayers to God at the same time as if He had no ears.”

  • A new church plant was birthed in each Awakening city.

  • 43 lives surrendered in first time salvation.

  • 3051 lunches were served during the 3 X 3 day Trainings.

There is a gradual swell in multiple nations of 5 + minutes of total corporate silence happening in zoom calls and training sessions that is causing a heart awakening of God’s people like never before.

“A minister has no more solemn duty than teaching people to wait on God.”

This statement by Andrew Murray has dramatically become the undergirding work of Igniting Prayer Action and God has made us more fruitful in the past 12 months than all our previous 14 years combined.

2ND and 3RD Generations Springs Forth

Baluki Napoleon trains 40 leaders in Congo.

Baluki Napoleon trains 40 leaders in Congo.

Pastor Baluki from Goma in the Congo is one of Evariste’s disciples who joined the 5 X Saturday pre EAA Training by zoom. He invited 40 pastors and leaders together and gave the full 3 day waiting on God/Luke 10 Transformation training and IPA was able to provide lunches and printed materials for these trainees. = 3rd Gen From these in Phillipe’s teaching seven people repented and in Celestin’s church in his preaching yesterday on Waiting on God/L10T 11 people got saved and accepted to be baptized. That means soon I will be there to baptize them.

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