Salvation of God for Carlos' Kids

A Waterfall of Salvation in God- Out of Death Comes Life

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IGNITE May 2024

God is on the move in and through Daniel Movers:

Daniel Movers' fleet is moved by God!

Between 2022 and 2023, we moved three times to finally land in our new home in San Marcos, Texas. Two movers, Carlos and Earnest, were involved in two of our three moves. And during our meetings, I’d always ask the PRAY NOW question and then pray with them, just as I literally pray with almost every person I meet. So, praise God, we built quite a friendship over those encounters! Of course, everyone got a Waiting on God book, and we shared multiple prayer times during the packing and unpacking processes.

Fast forward to the Buda Bus Accident— March 22, 2024:

Carlos “just happened” to be at the accident scene to leap out and help take the children out of the bus. He, like the whole community, was deeply and sadly impacted by the loss of a child and adult in that accident.

God was present with Carlos to help kids in Buda bus crash.

Pictured: Buda community offering to help rescue passengers off the school bus.


Tragically, two days later, Carlos’ 20-year-old daughter, Karla, and her boyfriend were in an accident where they were thrown from the backseat of their car and both killed!

Understandably, Carlos went into an emotional tailspin, and God began to turn his heart toward Him, as he began asking lots of “Why God?” questions.


Out of Death Comes Life:

Carlos at the beach with his children.

Pictured From Left: Sam, Kayla, Karla (now in Heaven), Carlos Jr., Chris, and Daddy Carlos

In the middle of May, Carlos surprisingly discovered that his daughter, Karla, had actually prayed to receive Jesus as her Lord and had been baptized before her death. Then he saw the Waiting On God book in his home that I’d given him when he helped us move. So, he reached out to me that night.

As Carlos shared the tragic loss of his daughter, I began to weep with him and encouraged him to let the tears flow. I said, “I describe tears as liquid prayers. Each teardrop expresses a thousand words of emotion you could never express in your own words! The Holy Spirit will comfort you through your tears.”

A Waterfall of Salvation in God:

Carlos’ greatest concern was whether he would see his daughter again when he died. He understood little about the good news of the gospel, so I gently and lovingly shared a series of simple questions with YES/NO answers. (Click the link to read a similar story of my brother-in-love’s salvation.)

These same questions led Carlos to ignite into the assurance of his salvation and immediately share his salvation testimony.

This waterfall of salvation continued that very night in Carlos’ home! Below is what Carlos texted me an hour later after stepping into radical, costly, and immediate obedience!

A God sent chat bubble from Carlos.                  

As I write this on the 20th of May 2024, I have just got off the phone with Carlos, and the waterfall of salvation continues. Carlos has forgiven the young man who was driving the vehicle in which his daughter was killed, but he remains hospitalized and unconscious.

Waterfall of Salvation in God


Please listen to Colin’s voice recording in the reading of Andrew Murray’s Waiting on God in Holy Expectation— (Day 26)

Also, please pray expectantly through these three points below:

  1. For Carlos to grow as a multiplying disciple of Jesus, and that his heart is fully turned toward this adventure
  2. For the driver to be healed, saved, and to become an instrument of salvation in God’s grace
  3. For Carlos’s other children, mother, multiple sisters, nephews, nieces, and other extended family members to be saved


Carlos with his wife and youngest son.

Pictured Carlos, Wife- Liz, and son- Christopher

Now, I challenge you to step into this link and learn how to live the PRAY NOW LIFESTYLE daily.

Thank You, Precious Partners & Prayer Igniters!

Let’s PRAY NOW: “Lord, would You have me make a gift? And if so, how much would You like me to give to the joy-filled work of IGNITING PRAYER ACTION?” 😊

Freely Click Here to GIVE!


Thank you. May God help you grow in your understanding of what it means to live in the waterfall of His salvation.

We love you dearly, Chkk-Chirrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


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