Boomerang Blessings- IPA Ignite June 2024


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IGNITE June 2024

Dear “Pray Now” Friends of God,

“Wow, Sir you’ve got a really smart outfit on!” Said a voice from behind me at H-E-B. I call H-E-B the land of Heavenly Eternal Blessings.

So, I turned around  to see a dear young man with three beautiful blonde-headed little boys in his cart. I smiled from my heart, greeting the little boys with a high five!

H-E-B Blessings in meeting Chris and his boys.

Then I said, “Why 👋 thank you very much Sir. My sweet bride chooses my matching shirts, shorts, and long sock outfits! Again, thank you for noticing; and let me ask you my favorite question…”

The “PRAY NOW” Question:

“If there’s one thing I could pray now for you personally, what would it be?”

Chris shared how his bride was struggling with her health and unable to look after the boys, so he had left his job, and obviously, they were really challenged financially.

As I prayed for them, tears just began to stream down Chris’s face. At first, he was embarrassed, and I said, “Don’t be concerned Brother, just let the tears roll, let the tears roll. That’s the ministry of the Holy Spirit.”

After finding out they were members of PromiseLand Church, I gave them all a big hug and said goodbye. Moments later, as I’m walking down the next aisle, the Holy Spirit nudges my heart to reconnect with him, get him a Waiting On God book, and make a gift to PromiseLand Church on their behalf.

Our son and pastor, Chris Millar, had preached fairly recently at PromiseLand Church, so he gave me the name and number of their missions pastor, who is also a ‘Pastor Chris.’ 😂🎺🙏

So, I reached out to him and shared our H-E-B story. Even though PromiseLand has a significantly sized congregation, my description of the three little blonde boys was, of course, a live giveaway. And by day’s end, Pastor Chris had tracked down who they were and gave me Chris McClanahan’s cell number!

I then made a gift to PromiseLand Church on behalf of Chris and his family.

Boomerang Blessings Continued To Flow:

Later that week, I was able to take the whole McClanahan family to lunch, and we shared and prayed together. It was just beautiful.

McClanahan Triplets

From our time together, and through Chris and Heather’s meeting with their missions Pastor- Chris, they both felt convicted and convinced that they wanted to get baptized. And with great exuberance, they did so the next Sunday! 🤩🥳🎺

🌺🥰🥳When I met with Pastor Chris again at PromiseLand, God connected our hearts even more as we shared and prayed together for an hour! I’d also left a box of Waiting On God books for him to give to all their staff and missionaries going to Mexico.

Pastor Chris also registered their two sons to attend our kids’ camp at The Well the next week. So, I got to meet and pray for both boys, and the river of living water continued to flow! 🥳🎺🙏

Ten Days Later:

I got a call from a dear sister, Lucy, whom I had prayed with at ‘Parents in Prayer’ at San Marcos Academy four months ago. She shared how she had asked God to provide her with 20 Waiting On God books for her to take to their ministry at the Women’s Prison Ministry in Lockhart.

And two days after Lucy prayed, she “just happened” to walk into Pastor Chris’s office at PromiseLand, where she serves as their local missions pastor. And she literally gasped when she saw the box of “Waiting On God” books in his office! That very Sunday afternoon, she took the books into the women’s prison and led them in a waiting-on-God hour, during which they experienced God’s presence in the stillness— just wild!

Chris is the Family chefBack to Chris McClanahan and Boomerang Blessings:

Chris just so happens to be an incredible chef and he really wants to establish a food truck business in the San Marcos area!

Please PRAY NOW for Chris and his family. Pray that:

  1. God would open a door for Chris to partner in a food truck business in San Marcos
  2. The Lord would also continue to pour out His blessing and favor upon Chris, Heather, Cayden, Cash, and Chase
  3. God would have you make a special gift to Igniting Prayer Action marked for Chris McClanahan


Would you pray now for one person each day this week and see what boomerang-bouncing blessings He brings in and through your life?

Thank you for praying and continuing to support the work of Igniting Prayer Action!

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