Prayer Tracks in The Book of Acts

Clint and Emily Marriage- Prayer Tracks Book of Acts

In month’s IGNITE, I found prayer tracks in the Book of Acts through Spirit-led prayer, baptisms, fellowship, marriage adventure preparation, and divine collaborations!

New Prayer Adventures with Dots of Depression

PRAYER-conditioning your marriage with IPA

IGNITE July 2023   Dear Prayer Igniters : I’m curious if some of you who read our IGNITE letters ever feel as if you may be in a school of prayer. In this new season, which God is opening before us, one of the first invitations I received was from our mile-away neighbor— Brian Guenther! […]

Deeper Roots | New Branches

Tree with deep roots

IGNITE March 2023 Dear Friends, Spring has arrived! As the sun warms the soil and rain replenishes the roots and new seed in the ground, we’ll begin to see the signs. Leaves bud on the tree branches and flowers start to emerge from their winter hibernation. What a joy! Did you know that an apple […]

Singing Our Gratitude- IPA Reflects on God’s Work

IPA Pastors singing gratitude in Burundi.

IGNITE January 2023 Dear Friends, as I was reflecting on God’s work through IPA in 2022, I became consumed by an overwhelming sense of gratitude. We praise God for His abundant provisions for the ministry of IPA. Building on the last 17 years, we ended the year with strong finances. We’ve mobilized our first two […]

Pastor Tahseer Catches IPA’s Vision in Pakistan

Pastor Tahseer and wife catch IPA vision

Your Generous Support of IPA Truly Impacts the WORLD! Greetings, Precious Friends! Imagine the joy of knowing that your IPA prayers and support are having divine connections and a direct impact in Pakistan. GREAT news – it is! Pastor Tahseer Shoukat and his wife, Saba, have served as Evangelists across Pakistan for the last 15 […]