Discovering the Gold

Discovering the Gold in the Roots of My Bride’s Character

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On 30th August, we celebrate our 35th anniversary, and with very few exceptions. We still joyfully live every day in what we call the “Permanent Honeymoon Anointing.” I’ve known since day one that God gave me the most beautiful bride in the whole world. In truth, He married me way up!

This past three months, my Sweetie, Nancy, has been diligently operating in one of her many giftings. She’s anointed with sorting through her family files and boxes to secure historical background information. In this case, she needed it to support our request for her brother Bernie’s ashes to be placed in Arlington National Cemetery. She wanted them place with her parents’ ashes, Bernard and Ann Price.

Of course, my bride and I knew Dad served three years in the 2nd world war, then 39 years in the Veteran Hospital Administration. However, there were two important things we didn’t know. We knew nothing about the indelible imprint of a quiet and strong servant leader. Nor did we know of the leadership excellence that Major Bernard Daniel Price, Sr. left across the whole VA System.



“Oh Father, as I read about Your amazing grace in this “PRICE..less” treasure strike, would You remind me that You are the Great Redeemer? You are the Great Refiner. And no matter how good or bad my past is, YOU KNOW THE PLANS YOU HAVE FOR ME. In You, I have A HOPE AND FUTURE that are wonderful beyond measure. I commit to spending just 10 more minutes a day with You in Jesus name amen.”

“I will give you treasures from dark, secret places;
then you will know that I am the Lord
and that the God of Israel has called you by name.


In a box my bride opened, there was a collection of files, letters, certificates of commendation, and photographs. These were items that Mum had collected over Dad’s 43 years of government service. I started reading letters written in 1945, and then every word of every letter from a photo album! In fact, that album contained 80 gloss-covered typed letters that were sent to Dad upon his retirement in 1986.

For 6 hours, my heart pumped with deep rich emotion. Also, tears regularly flowed down my cheeks as I’d read aloud another heart-rending description of lives impacted by God. It was Dad’s river of humility, love, discipline, joy, and compassion that flowed from his management and leadership lifestyle.

As I looked upon the beautiful face of my Bride, God seemed to open the eyes of my heart.

I began to visibly see the rich, streaked-with-gold roots of her life lived out and poured back into our lives. Our lives, including Nick’s, Tegan’s, Chris’, Ashley’s, Caleb’s, Ella’s, and mine are fully benefited!

Here is an excerpt from Carl S. Brandner, Lt. Colonel, Inspector General of the 13th Airborne Division’s letter of commendation attached … Few officers have had the privilege of having as their assistants, individuals who have displayed such a high degree of loyalty, honesty, and efficiency within their respective commands, as I have enjoyed by your presence on my staff.

What’s more, all of these accomplishments have not been completed by minimum requirements on your part, but by working long, after duty hours, on detailed, nerve-racking jobs, which you so unselfishly gave a part of yourself.

Your loyalty to your officers is exemplary, your devotion to duty is above reproach, your willingness to work has certainly been an indication of your desire to serve your country during this war.”

 Then, this one at his retirement:

 A. B. Carr, Jr., Regional Director, Mid-Atlantic Region:

“When you were asked to take on the extremely important and difficult assignment as director at Mountain Home VAMC, your response to that challenge was to immediately infuse enthusiasm and executive leadership into all levels of operation within the Medical Center. 

 Because of the existing need, special emphasis was given by you to developing and maintaining a strong and productive affiliation. In this regard, your accomplishments were “exemplary.” Your positive influence on the development and overall quality of the affiliation established under Public Law 92-541 has been one of the singular most significant achievements by a Medical Center Director in Region 2 since I have been the Regional Director.  

Bernie, I know your outstanding record of service over the past 43 years speaks more clearly of your contributions than anything I or anyone else could say. Still, I want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed watching you create a more efficient and quality-conscious healthcare environment for your patients. 

Those Directors who follow you will be the benefactors of your efforts, as will the patients and community. 

Your positive efforts towards ensuring the high quality and compassionate care provided veterans at the Mountain home VAMC will be long remembered.”


Although Dad grew up in church, worked diligently, and loved his family, he gave his life to Christ later in life. And one day, at a Campus Crusade For Christ breakfast in The Marriott Galleria, it happened! Adolf Coors Jr shared his testimony of coming to Christ in the middle of the COORS BEER business, and that day, Dad filled out a card at our table. That card indicted: “I prayed to give my life to Christ as my Lord and Savior for the first time!”

Who does God want you to share the love of Jesus with today?

Give thanks in all things.

— 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Please ask God how HE might have you give of your time, treasure, talent, or prayers to grow His Kingdom?  If HE speaks, please will you call Colin at Chkk-Chirrrrrrrrr or (832) 515-7022.

My Bride and I love and appreciate you deeply,
Colin and Nancy

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