IGNITE October 2018

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Last week, Jeff Wells led a 5 hour healing prayer vigil for Steve Smith

Ignite October Prayer.png

My journey into deeper obedience to the Great Commission began 6 years ago when my ever dearer friend Jeff Wells, Pastor of WoodsEdge Church in The Woodlands, invited me to Steve Smith’s first United States side Training for Trainers in Chicago. Steve has effectually trained people all over the world and currently leads a global effort to catalyze biblical church planting movements in every unreached people group and place by 2025. Just over a year ago Steve was diagnosed with a very rare form of liver cancer and last month the top MDA doctors said there is nothing more they can do. The Smiths are a humble, considering it all joy in the trials, model, of what it means to trust God with all their hearts and lean not on their own understanding. Wow it was like being with Christ in His school of prayer as Steve’s father cried out the hidden riches of God’s Word from the secret places of his rendered heart for his son. In a continuous ebb and flow at the leading of God’s Spirit, we worshipped, we wept, rejoiced with shouts of joy, were still and waited on our God. In the sanctuary that night new friendships were forged, existing ones were refined and strengthened as Steve was anointed with oil, a couple of hours later his feet were washed and many cried out to God in prayer and petition. Shortly before midnight amidst quiet worship we celebrated the Lord’s supper together, knowing that whether our heavenly Father heals Steve or not He is our God.

  • If God has touched your heart for our dear Brother Steve please join us in fervent expectant prayer for God’s miraculous healing of Steve’s body.

  • If you or a friend are facing a similar prayer “opportunity” we encourage you to gather family and friends as your Personal Intercessory Team, as described in our website’s P.I.T. Crew Handbook.


I’m into my 4th journey through Andrew Murray’s 31 days of “Waiting on God” I encourage you to click on the audio link, (Here) order the book, or download the free PDF (Here) This quote from Andrew Murray describes my heart exactly :

“Let us look to God to reveal Himself among His people in a measure very few have realized. Let us expect great things of our God. At all our conferences and assemblies too little time is given to waiting on God. Is He not willing to put things right in His own divine way? Has the life of God’s people reached the utmost limit of what God is willing to do for them? Surely not. We want to wait on Him; to put away our experiences, however blessed they have been; our conceptions of truth, however sound and scriptural we think they seem; our plans, however needful and suitable they appear, and give God time and place to show us what He could do, what He will do. God has new developments and new resources. He can do new things, unheard of things, hidden things. Let us enlarge our hearts and not limit Him.”

As I have been practicing Waiting on God, at first for a few minutes, and then as His grace abounds for us to do what His Word repetitively instructs us to do “WAIT ON THE LORD” for 30 minutes, an hour and the other Monday afternoon for 4 hours in a beautiful little prayer chapel, in The Woodlands United Methodist Church, I’m literally seeing the power of God act on my behalf as described here in: Isaiah 64:4 (NASB)

“For from days of old they have not heard or perceived by ear, Nor has the eye seen a God besides You, Who acts in behalf of the one who waits for Him.”

Ignite October Diamond.png

The World’s Largest 3,106 carat Cullinan Diamond even though it was mined in my home country of South Africa, has nothing on the multifaceted and brilliantly radiant friendship and intimacy that grows with God when you wait on Him!! In our recent Global Alliance for Church Multiplication (GACX) Forum in Denver our team of Leaders, Prayer Igniters and Worshippers were able to model and encourage our 225 church planters and accelerators of The Great Commission from 24 nations to wait, to worship, to be still and to listen for the Holy Spirit as a rhythm of the whole Forum. Even though I left home at 4:30am on Monday and got home at 8:30pm on Saturday with 16 -18 hour days because those hours included a consistent rhythm of waiting on God, abiding in His Word, just being still before Him, I drove home that evening in an overwhelming sprit of God’s wellbeing, it was truly “WELL WITH MY SOUL” no exhaustion, no stress just His peace that surpasses all understanding. So will you jump in with both feet and join me in the wonderful adventure of slowing your pace of life and work down to “WAIT ON THE LORD.”

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