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Igniting Prayer for a School of Prayer— Take Our Survey!

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IGNITE August 2023

Our dear Prayer Igniter,

Would you like to grow in your prayer ‘effectualness?’ “The effectual prayer of a righteous person can accomplish much.” James 5:16

At IPA, we desire to share the very heart of prayer with others and help equip today’s Saints to pray with effectiveness and then hear from the Lord! Can you imagine growing in a PRAY NOW lifestyle and watching God respond to your prayers like never before?

Thankfully, all it takes to accomplish this is practice. And the most remarkable thing about practicing prayer is: “IT COUNTS!!”

Taking the Lord’s “Ordered Steps” Towards Establishing IPA’s School of Prayer!

My friendship and prayer partnership with Dr. Brian Guenther, President of the San Marcos Academy, continues to deepen. As I mentioned last month, we— together with several others, deeply believe God wants to expand the number of international and boarding students at The Academy.

Today, we continue to ignite prayer action toward establishing a School of Prayer there! Our vision will be to ‘Ignite Life-Transforming Prayer Through Multiplying Disciples Around the World!” And your sharing feedback in the Prayer Survey link below, would be immensely appreciated!

Colin and Dr. Guenther on prayer walk.


Would You Help Us By Taking a Quick Prayer Survey?

Please join us in this God adventure by taking 10 minutes or so to answer a few questions about prayer. Your insightful and strategic input from this Prayer Survey will be invaluable in helping identify our:

  • School Purpose
  • Founding Partners
  • Program Parameters, and
  • Processes for its establishment!


A Prayer Lifestyle can impact those you know and don’t know for His Glory!

This Facebook post below came from our son, Chris Millar, who is now also our Pastor— The Well Community Church. It lightly expresses how a PRAY NOW lifestyle can impact those you know and those you don’t know!

‘That moment when you walk into Chick-fil-A (in San Marcos) and the gal taking my order goes: “Is your dad Colin Millar?”

LOL Emoji

If you’ve met my dad, this story isn’t even that surprising! He made a commitment years ago to pray for almost every person he meets by asking one simple question: “If there was one thing I can PRAY NOW for you personally, what would it be?” I can’t imagine how many thousands of people have experienced Jesus because of my dad. But today, I got to meet one of them!’

Smile Emoji

Chris Millar's Facebook Post Results

Total reactions to his post = 181. Your life could have this kind of prayer impact, too!!


A Beautiful Glory Story

During our Kickoff Sunday for returning students, and after three weeks of prayer and fasting, we had the joy of greeting the 242 people God drew to us, including 36 children!

The Well Church prayer gathering.

Kickoff Sunday gathering for returning campus students and the community!


Colin meeting friends

Colin meeting with friends at Kickoff Sunday.


The Well congregation of youth students and young adults

Happy School of Prayer students!


Please find, below, another reflective Facebook posting and testimony from Chris, our son and church Pastor. His post includes his beautiful praises, and thanks expressed to our God:


Chris Millar Kickoff prayer and presentation

Chris Millar speaking at the Kickoff!


Empty church room turned back into a school cafeteria!

Facebook Post By Chris Millar


“When everyone had gone home today, and this room returned to a shockingly ordinary cafeteria,

I sat at one of these tables just for a few minutes to talk to God.

I thanked Him for allowing us to be a part of His story.

Thanked Him for the miracles of lives being transformed by Jesus.

I thanked Him for the incredible people we get to follow Him alongside of.

Thanked Him for the hundred prayers He has answered.

I thanked Him for carrying us through storms we didn’t see a way out of.

Thanked Him for my bride and the grace filled partner she is to me.

I prayed for the hundreds of kiddos that will sit at these tables tomorrow.

Prayed for the new college students that joined us today.

I prayed for the families that join us who I know are struggling to keep their heads above waves of grief.

And prayed that Jesus would be glorified in this church in ways only He could get credit for.

It was surreal to look at this room and think about all that God has done in this place. It’s just a place. It’s a shockingly ordinary cafeteria. But for the people of our church, it’s where we gather to enjoy God. And my goodness, what a gift it is.”


Will you stop to PRAY and then BE STILL?

Colin and Nancy Millar prayer couple.

And if prompted by the Lord, would you please consider supporting this work with a generous gift by clicking below? Thank You!

Click to Support IPA

— Colin and Nancy

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Brethrens
    I’m Pastor Levi Beito from Liberia. Your program is very much wonderful and unique which I would love to be part. This can strengthen one’s christian life and others to become Christian. I would really appreciate if you consider me. God bless you in Jesus mighty name

  2. Think is the good initiation for the Christian journey as it writting in Thassalonians.
    Appreciate Uncle Colin Millar for finding this programme.

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Please join us in this prayer adventure by answering a few questions about your personal prayer journey.
Your insightful and strategic input will be invaluable in helping identify our purpose, founding partners, program parameters, and the process of establishing IPA’s School of Prayer!  Thank You!