Clint and Emily Marriage- Prayer Tracks Book of Acts

Prayer Tracks in The Book of Acts

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IGNITE September 2023

Dear Prayer Igniter,

Last week, my precious bride and I were driving to our house church and praying for the current members. Amid my prayer, I found the Holy Spirit leading me to pray for someone who might knock on our door, and we would invite them in!✊

Enter Caesar & His Baptism

Well, there were just 4-5 of us in the house, and there was a sudden knock at the door. I opened it to find a young man selling his lawn care services. He looked hot and tired. And I told him, “We cannot buy your lawn care services, but would you like to come in and join our house church?”  Then Caesar said: “Yes, I’d love to take a break and join y’all.”

After dinner and our Bible study of Acts Chapter 2, Caesar shared how he had arrived from Reno, Nevada, just three months ago. He was building his lawn care business while living with friends in Luling, just 40 minutes away. And during our round-the-room prayer time, he shared a need for a bed. Fortunately, he ended up receiving a spare one from one of our members the next day!

As we prayed for Caesar and his business, he continuously wept with joy at experiencing God’s overwhelming love in so many ways, all in one evening. A few days later, Caesar’s open-door adventure continued as he joined us at The Well on Sunday, September 10th. He got to meet, talk, and pray with Pastor Chris and was convicted by the Holy Spirit to be baptized, as shown below!

Caesar baptism prayer dunk

In fact, Caesar was one of four who recently participated in our first on-site baptism at Travis Elementary School after The Well church service. We usually baptize in the river or a swimming pool, but it was beautiful having 100 people that stayed on for the baptisms. What a testimony!

Caesar baptism prayer hug


We are literally living The Well’s tagline— “San Marcos as in Heaven.”

As I’ve refined my focus, God has put a beautiful gift into our lives that my bride and I have been unwrapping together. We continue to build friendships with young, married couples from The Well. We’ve also been hosting dinners in our new home. In September, we had our first united dinner with code-name games, lots of laughter, and a rich time of prayer. Then we ended beautifully with communion at the close of our fellowship!

Clint & Emily MAP night.

It’s like we’re living The Well’s tagline—  “San Marcos as in Heaven!” And at the close of dinner, my sweetheart asked if everyone would be excited to continue growing with us in this united friendship of young marriages. Bless the Lord, there was a resounding “Yes, and Amen!”

Marriage Adventure Preparation M.A.P.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve been invited to officiate couples’ weddings, and it’s been my honor. Yet, I’ve always walked on my own with them through the 6 to 8-week marriage adventure preparation. (Never liked the term “marriage counseling.”) Once again, and with my newly-refined focus, Clinton and Emily asked me to walk them through the M.A.P (Marriage Adventure Preparation) towards their October 8th marriage ceremony. And this time, my sweetheart came fully alongside me!

My wife and I with Clint & Emily marriage prayer

So, instead of 40-minute sessions by Zoom, we’ve had 3 to 4-hour sessions of deep, friendship-building discussions with Emily and Clint while going into each of the 6 to 8 topics of marriage preparation. And it’s been a whole new experience watching my darling bride minister God’s grace, joy, and encouragement to this young couple. In addition, we find ourselves blessed through walking in this new marriage ministry, and it’s been surprisingly fulfilling and exciting!


Clint & Emily at their October marriage spot.


New Friends IGNITE Kingdom Collaboration

God caused a relationship ignition between Clint, pictured above, and Caesar in the baptismal pictures the moment we connected them. Once we all learned that both men were in the landscaping and lawn care business, they ended up doing a joint project together. And soon after the project, Caesar texted this message to me:

‘Colin, I just wanted to thank God for sending me your way and for listening to my prayers because I am beyond blessed. I prayed to the Lord for so little, and he gave me abundance. And I’m incredibly grateful for introducing me to Clint because this is a friendship that is going to help me get places. Also, it will expand my love for God, as well as help me be able to glorify and honor God. I have learned so much in so little time, and I wake up every day grateful for what I have and for what is to come. And I look forward more than anything to having a conversation with God on a daily basis! I love you all, I am eternally grateful to our Lord, and I appreciate so much the hospitality and friendship and love you extended to me.’

Let us PRAY NOW:

“Father God in heaven, we pray for each person reading this IGNITE today. We pray that You, Holy Spirit, would refresh, bless, and bring every marriage and family that’s connected with the reader today. Bring them into a living encounter with Your Presence, just as we’ve seen you doing between Caesar and Clint.

Oh Lord, would You pour out rivers of living water that will bring healing and refreshment, and laughter and joy? And Lord, give each of us the intentionality of our hearts to court and freshly pursue You, our Lord, and each other daily so we walk in “the permanent honeymoon anointing,” in the victorious name of Jesus Christ we pray… Amen.” 

Will You Sow A Seed And Multiply?

Sow a prayer seed into someone’s life today, or make a gift to Igniting Prayer Action. In doing so, you help multiply our fruitfulness for God’s glory!

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Thank You!

  • Colin

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