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Silence Shatters Satan’s Stronghold

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Seldom have I had such a vivid picture in the physical realm of what was happening in the spiritual realm.

Last month our firstborn son and my beautiful bride were driving home from San Marcos, and we were on that horrible construction part of Interstate 10 coming towards Houston. It was a dark night, with barriers on either side of the road. Also, there were no shoulders, just narrow lanes, and tractor-trailers before, behind, and to the right of us in the second lane. Inside the car, I made a statement to our son and my Love. My statement provided an edge to my voice tone that I did not realize at first, but it sparked anger in my son’s heart. It was a stronghold.

My voice tone has been what Satan used as a stronghold to drive a wedge between us over the years. Though, by God’s Grace, I have been much better in recent years.

Satan knows what to pick in your life where he can steal, kill, and destroy. And our physical circumstances on I-10 were as though the enemy was all around us, ready to crash into our car and our family relationship.

Take five minutes, right now, before you continue and just BE STILL. Enjoy God‘s presence in silence to break every stronghold!

Maybe you’re walking through circumstances right now where instead of responding, you need to just step back and wait on God.

We both exchanged a statement, and we could hear our son take a breath. I knew his next words could cause an open door for the enemy to come in with our difference of opinions.

My Sweetheart said:
What do you want to say, Son?” And in my mind, I was getting ready to justify my statement. However, this is where wisdom through silence in our son’s NON-response for a whole three minutes, shattered Satan’s attack plan.

Each of us knew that if we spoke, division, discord, and disharmony would irrupt in the physical realm. And we would’ve crashed under the wheels of a tractor-trailer eaten up by the enemy.

I praise God for our son’s self-control, his silence kept me silent, and I could tangibly feel the peace of God fill our car, and then I gently said: “Son, we’re so grateful for your friends in SM. Let’s go back to the conversation about their one-year-old daughter? We did 🙌 and the enemy was blasted out of our situation to the glory of our God.

Precious Saints, the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, particularly in and around our families and our work relationships. I want to encourage you today. If you’re struggling in any kind of battle or dysfunctionality in your family or workplace, just come together and say, could we just take five minutes to be totally still and enjoy Waiting on God.

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9 Responses

  1. Wonderful, Colin. So encouraged by this as one in process in the discipline of greater silence … waiting for His still small voice. Praising the Lord for you!

  2. I loved this story. It really speaks to my heart and life with my own adult children. Thank you for sharing and bringing forth wisdom.

  3. Hi Colin. You asked me how you could pray for us. Since our move to a different location a couple years ago it’s been hard for me. And I tend to take it out on my dear husband. And I can be very critical! So please pray that God would give me a content ness and a much better attitude of gratitude! Thanks for your prayers. Bless you guys!

  4. Hello Colin
    I am so thankful for your ministry in my life.
    Slow down and wait upon God. It changes my prayer life. . . He will give revelation of what to pray in His Will and faith is rewarded in answered prayer. We love you in Christ, dear brother.

  5. The silence we spend with God and family is doing miraculous things in our lives. Thank you Jesus for igniters like Colin. Praise God for sparing your family. We love you and all igniters.

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