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55 Intercessors Live Every Day Waiting on God at 5:55 am!

Some of you have been a part of this radical, live online experience of “Waiting on God” daily from 5:55 am to 6:33 am. And EVERY DAY, since 01/03/2022, we’ve seen an average of 55 people joining in extended times of silence.

Most of these precious participants are from Greater Houston, yet, others are from 9 different nations. Fortunately, they’re faithful to reading and waiting through that day’s mediation from Andrew Murray’s 124-year-old classic devotional – Waiting on God.

Now, look and see how God is using a humbling situation in my life. I share a story from TWELVE YEARS AGO. In it, God continues prophetically bringing forth what is happening today in His call to WAIT UPON THE LORD. Psalm 27:14

MAY 2010 | Cape Town Humbling Brings New Prayer Life

The heavenly thrill of walking in God’s presence with like-hearted prayer leaders from all over the world was REAL and BELIEVABLE. It was as if God bore us up on a huge eagle, each of us on a wing, and said:

“My sons, Colin and Pete, I am giving you an eagle-eye view of what I am doing through my people in prayer in various countries around the world. I want you to trust Me and build relationships with the people I put in your path. I will reveal the steps of action that will build a uniting and igniting of nations in prayer. And provide a platform and foundation to bring in the end-time harvest. I will do this through both the internet and a host Army of Prayer/Evangelist Online Missionaries that I desire to raise up in every nation.”

We landed in Cape Town.

And as two little eager beavers, we were ready to share the story of God’s work through GMO with everyone God put in our path. Then, on the second day of the GDOP Conference, one of the leaders of the GDOP Executive Team stopped us. And between sessions, he gave us a loving, grace-filled, yet very direct word of “CAUTION.” He politely introduced himself as Bennie Mostert of “Walls of Jericho,” whom God has used to build 24/7 prayer all across South Africa and other African nations.

Bennie said: “Guys, I want to encourage you, I love your hearts for the Lord, and it is clear that God’s work through GMO is one of the most important works we see here today. My CAUTION comes from your method of sharing this good GMO news. Your style is verging on the SALES & PROMOTION of a good product. There are many people who are a lot more aggressive than you two; however, I suggest you simply build relationships with the people God puts in your path and then only respond with GMO info when asked for it.”

We prayed and shared for a while. But the essence of our message was to ‘Offer to pray for those you meet with, and then – Wait upon the Lord.”’

A Waiting on God Heart-Transforming Testimony by Sarah Lock

Sarah Lock Waiting on God Testimony“Thank you, Father, for doing things our eyes have not yet seen and for giving us eyes to see in Your perfect timing. Thank you, Yahweh, that the very letters of your name represent breath; so, with every breath we take and every exhale that is released, we are reminded of YOUR NAME and Your great love for us in giving us life. Your name is being revealed throughout the nations because You are the breath of life. Praise You, Father! Please let only Your words come forth. In Yeshua’s name, I pray, amen.”

Just to preface: I struggle a bit with speaking publicly in large groups. So I wrote down the words that God put on my heart. I wrestled much over what to talk about because the times we’re currently living in have impacted my life in many ways.

But there is a phrase that I’ve been consistently hearing since joining the people in Waiting on God:

“A healthy physical body is nothing without a healthy spirit.”

I did not realize how sickly my prayer life truly was until I started this practice of Waiting on God with you all. And I realize now it truly is a practice, an endurance race. I had been fervently asking the Father to improve my prayer life because, in my heart, I knew I was doing it wrong.

For instance, I often felt empty and like I was getting nowhere, mostly because I was trying to make it happen by myself. Basically, I was on the verge of giving up on trying. Almost simultaneously, I had gotten physically sick, very sick. And because I was so sick, my life was literally put on hold. That’s when Yahweh intervened on my behalf and woke me up at 5:45 am. He said, “I’m waiting for you. Get on that call that I invited you to.” So, I dragged myself out of bed and onto my face.

Until then, it never occurred to me to simply let Him have the floor, pause, and be still. I needed to see His heart and let His spirit reveal to me His desires. He already knows my every desire, every concern, every sin, and transgression. He will and has taken care of those things in His perfect timing. And He is faithful to do so.

It took physical sickness to wake me up to the realization that I was also sick spiritually. Because what good is a healthy physical body when the spirit is sick?

God has the desire to uproot the toxic fruit that’s planted in each of us.

And He will replace them by planting the Fruit of the Spirit in their place. There is fruitfulness that comes from honoring Him as He desires, but also with His help because we cannot fully honor Him without His guidance and strength.

In fact, there is no other place we would be more still than on the spiritual operating table. It is there where the Father pierces our hearts or plows them open to stir up our innermost being. And it is there where He separates us from the corrupt plants in preparation of planting new seeds which will bring life-giving fruit for the harvest!

God’s Humbling On a Global Scale

Not only do I see this spiritual surgery happening in my own life and here in this zoom room, but also on a worldwide scale. The Lord has allowed something He hates, sickness and disease, to accomplish what He loves – His children being healed and made whole naturally and physically. But, in truth, He is and has been humbling the world, literally the entire world, through a widespread PHYSICAL disease. And He is doing this in order to HEAL the spirit of His children and REVEAL the set-apart things through His Spirit as 1 Corinthians proclaims.

Now there are people everywhere praising, worshiping, and praying at the front lines. They are the ones He has called to trust and wait on Him, even in the face of persecution, as He knocks down Jericho walls. He is our hope, joy, comfort, and our source of true health. In addition, He has brought cleansing waters, and they are only getting stronger. So Rickie is right; the tsunami is here. And God, our Faithful Father, the Almighty Farmer, is gathering the harvest soon! Amen!

Giving to IPA helps others spend more time with God on a daily basis.

Will you pray and consider a gift donation to help others enhance prayer and communication with the Lord? Below is a prayer that expresses our need for your help and consideration. But before praying, please watch the video link I’ve provided here. It offers information with a fresh charge to the art, discipline, and practice of Waiting on God.

We recorded the video back in September 2020. And now, I am in my 41st month of 98% of days, spending at least 30 minutes and, quite often, 2-3 hours reading and then waiting in silence. I lay still before the Lord for that day’s mediation and God’s word surrounding that mediation.

However, please note that my sharing is not just about the book, but rather it’s all about spending more unhurried time with God daily. And God just so happens to be using Andrew Murray’s book as an instrument to cause this to happen.


“Oh Lord God, if You would have me:

    1. Order 10-20 books to share with my small group
    2. Make a $5,000 gift or more to IPA to translate and print Waiting on God for another language group, or
    3. Give a monthly contribution towards the $2,000/month support shortfall for Colin and Nancy.

Then please speak to my heart to give here in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”


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