Waiting on God, Walking in the Park

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It was a Tuesday afternoon and I met up with a Ugandan Pastor Fred Kasule.  Dear friends had been telling me about him for many years.  God put our hearts together instantly.  We walked and prayed together around Memorial Park in Houston, Texas.

We came upon a young woman walking her precious cocker spaniel in front of us.  I said, “Good afternoon, ma’am. Could I pet your dog?”  She agreed and then I just said, “Have a lovely afternoon, God bless you” and I began to walk away.

In the at moment, the Holy Spirit said in my heart, “Well, aren’t you going to pray for her?”

I turned back around and said, “Ma’am, could I ask you a question? If there was one thing I could pray now for you personally, what would it be?”  She was silent and big tears started coming down her cheeks. She explained she had only moved to Houston a week ago to be a nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital. She was desperate for community.  “Would you pray for me?”

I prayed briefly as she began to weep even more.  Pastor Fred asked if he would pray for her, too.  As he prayed, she just sobbed. God touched her heart and told her, “I see you, Sydnee.” She was so grateful.  God literally touched her heart and encouraged her.  We exchanged contact info and walked home.

Another young woman, M.J., was coming for dinner to our friend’s home that evening. It just happened she had lived in Uganda for 4 years.  She and Pastor Fred had much to talk about and were really connecting.  I asked her, “M.J., what is your profession?”  To which she answered, “I’m a nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital.”

It was CRAZY!  God had so clearly put these two young women together.  We’ve connected them.

Then I was sharing a testimony on our Waiting on God call at 9 pm that night, shared the testimony, and one of the leaders on the ZOOM said, “My daughter works at Texas Children’s Hospital!”

Three young women put together by a prayer and a walk in the park.  May you, precious saints, watch what God is doing while we wait on Him.

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