Family prayer youth group on the beach.

God Uses Family and “Young-Life” Leaders to Restore Our Souls

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IGNITE May 2023

Dear Friends and Prayer Igniters, God poured out His grace through my family and leaders from a Young-Life Summit to restore our souls!


Through My Family:

In mid-April, God orchestrated, just two days apart, true heart-transparent conversations with both of my precious sons. But, like much of my life, I’d once again been all over the dartboard with over-activity and commitment. Yet, this time the bull’s eye/heart of the matter came to focus on depression.

Both Nick and Chris have struggled with seasons of depression. And through our conversations, for the first time in my life, I, too, accepted that I have been in seasons of depression these last two years. Then recently, my precious sister, Jan, sent this revealing text message to my darling Bride:

“Hello, dearest Nancy; you must be getting excited about your break away in Florida! 🥰

I think of you so often, knowing how *difficult and stressful* it is for you to try and tell Colin to *”TAKE TIME TO SMELL THE FLOWERS!”*🌸🌷🌻 I saw it easily when I was there last December. He just doesn’t listen. Getting that bad chest infection perhaps made him realize that he’s not 40 anymore and can’t take on the whole world by himself!! Hopefully, Florida will do you both a world of good. 🌊☀️🌴 I love you lots, xx!”




God did the unexpected through 11 Resort Town, Young-Life Leaders who also instantly became family!

We arrived in Seaside, Florida, with the joy and privilege to co-facilitate a three-day Waiting On God Summit with these very precious friends of God. Yet, my sweetheart and I had little idea of the extent of brokenness we were living with or of the ‘running-way-beyond-empty’ toll that was taking place within our physical and spiritual gas tanks.
So, over those three days, as we practiced waiting patiently on God in silence and modeling how to thrive in the PRAY NOW Lifestyle, God surprisingly flipped the ministry paradigm! Instead of us coming to minister to others, God shifted it to us being ministered to! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Under the wonderful council of The Holy Spirit, each of these precious Young-Life Leaders orchestrated a symphony of His ministering grace. He poured out over us through their heartfelt love, prayers, laughter, worship, food, and fellowship! Literally, it was like stepping into a piece of heaven on earth, and we instantly became part of this exceptionally close-knit family of God.


STOPPING to SMELL the “ROSES” in my life and family!

Then just last week, with the encouragement of my family, I went to see a counselor for the very first time in my life. Through these rich experiences and STOPPING to smell the roses, God has given me both humility and courage to take painful yet healing action steps.

And as a result, I have released all our International and Greater Houston Prayer Community ministry partnerships in order to allow vital time to rest, be restored, and be re-energized by the Lord to effectively lead IPA


Thank you to Willem Joubert— Luke 10 Transformation, our International Coordinators, GHPC, Rickie Bradshaw, and also to our God Waiting Family.


“Lord God in heaven, we give You thanks and praise for the joy-filled and Kingdom-expanding partnerships with Willem Joubert and Luke 10 Transformation over these past three years. We thank You, Lord, and ask You to continue to water and multiply the Waiting On God/L-10-T Disciple-multiplying movements led by: Evariste in Burundi, Baluki in DRC, Tahseer and Saba in Pakistan, James in Tanzania, Cyril in The Gambia, Winnie in Kenya, and Levi in Liberia.”

“We also thank You, Lord, for the continued bonds of friendship with these precious lovers of Jesus. Lastly, we pray and ask by faith that You provide local on-the-ground partners for each of them as they continue to work and train with Willem Joubert; in Jesus’ mighty name, amen.”

Lastly, we extend our deep and heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have reached out in prayer and who faithfully support this continuing work of God through IPA.


With love and renewing joy in Jesus,

Colin & Nancy Millar

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  1. We love you, Collin and Nancy! I thank God for you and the witness you have been in my life for the last year plus! Know you all are in our prayers! May God complete the good work he began in you! In Jesus name. Thank you for your transparency! I too have had battles with depression. It is not nice. ❤️

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