April Ignite Prayer Nancy Milar

My Beautiful Bride’s Prayers Bear Convicting Fruit

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IGNITE Prayer- April 2022

“…let us also lay aside…the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus…” I’ve encouraged you for three years now to begin or increase the daily art, discipline, and practice of waiting on God or just spending more prayer time with Him in peace-filled silence.

Today,  I IMPLORE you; please hear me, our God is … waiting to be gracious to you … to have mercy on you,  Isaiah 30:18. He needs you to STOP AND BE STILL.

As I continue to grow deeper in this prayer lifestyle, the Holy Spirit reveals to me the glorious depths of His love for me.

I’m discovering that the Holy Spirit can only begin performing spiritual heart surgery when I’m being still in His presence. The deeper and more ingrained the sin, the more time is needed intentionally sitting and waiting on God. And 2 or 3 am have often become the times when He lovingly beacons me from my bed to spend fresh time with Him.


In September 2021, I became aware of a sin that had been deeply ingrained in my everyday life. While driving on I-45 with my Sweetheart in the passenger seat and me on my phone praying with someone, I noticed the radical stress that I was putting on my Sweet Bride for the first time.

After her hands hit the dashboard and her feet hit the floorboards, I simply responded casually with: “Don’t worry, Love; I’ve got it!” Then I swung back into my lane.

🎯Early the next morning, the Holy Spirit convicted me of this stress I’d been putting on my Bride every time I drove with her and was on my phone. 🎯

So, I repented before God and then to my Bride later that day. And she said: “Well, that’s all well and good, but what are you going to do about it?

Since that day, I haven’t driven with my Sweetheart and used my phone. Today, she does quite a lot more of the driving now, but it’s brought greater peace to her when I do drive.


Once again, my Sweetheart showed amazing grace with my sin of speeding and aggressive driving to get there ‘first.’ Sound like your driving? She would simply say: “Honey, what’s the speed limit on this highway?”

But my speeding sin was not removed until two weeks ago. For the first time in five years, I was stopped by a police officer on 1488, doing 64 mph in a 50 mph zone! I got the ticket and was very embarrassed to go home and share the news with my Sweetheart.

Police Officer Giving a Ticket

Yet, to my surprise, she raised her hands in the air and said:

🙌 “Praise the Lord He’s answered my prayer!!”🙌

Yes, she had given up asking me to slow down. Instead, she began patiently and persistently asking the Lord to get me a speeding ticket, which He did!! So, now that I’m committed to God and my Bride to intentionally stop speeding and stick to the speed limit, He’s surgically removing sin from my life. Moreover, He’s doing this with a more profound peace and joy evidenced in both our lives.

Will you wait on the Lord in prayer daily, using Andrew Murray‘s Waiting on God book? If so, watch Him work your life to holiness for His glory and the joy and peace of your family.

Please PRAY NOW –

“Lord, we thank You for the gifts given last month that reduced our monthly shortfall to $1,000/month!” 🙌

“Oh Lord, God, if You would have me:

  1. Make a gift toward the $10,000 needed for two follow-up trainings of Waiting on God/Luke 10 Transformation in Burundi.
  2. Give a monthly contribution towards the $1,000/month support shortfall for Colin and Nancy.

Then, please speak to my heart to give here in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”


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  1. Greg Johnson at Restoration is starting a series on prayer. Part of what he is talking about is being still and waiting on God. Your remarks today fit right in with his sermon and our prayer group discussions. I take this as God speaking to me through you guys to stop the insanity, slow down and sit and wait (LISTEN) on God. He is speaking to us all the time we just have to listen. God Bless you my friend and your sweet bride. I did not know that the day we hired Nancy I was not only getting the best assistant I ever had but I was getting a lifelong friend and brother and sister in Christ. Praise God for you both.

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